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How can I pay for my rental car?
Payment for your rental car is mainly made by credit card. It is possible to pay by debit card, however at the rental counter you will need a credit card issued to the main driver in order to secure the deposit for your rental car.
Who is allowed to drive the rental car and what are the conditions?
A rental car can be driven by the main driver, that is the person registered in the booking. Additional drivers may be added to the reservation at extra fee. Please note that the main driver must present a valid credit card issued in their name. Furthermore, the main and additional drivers must be in possession of a valid driving license for at least 1 year (for further information, please refer to the rental conditions). Moreover, both, the main and additional drivers are required to present a valid identity card/passport and must be of the minimum age specified in the rental conditions.
Do I have to pick up and return the car at any time? What happens if I am late for pick-up?
We recommend that you pick up the car at the agreed time as the availability of the car cannot be guaranteed in case of delay. As a general rule, local suppliers keep vehicles available up to 30 or 60 minutes after the agreed time. If a delay is inevitable, please contact the rental agency (you will find their contact details on the voucher).
What documents are required to pick up the vehicle?
When picking up the vehicle, the main driver must present the following documents: the printed voucher, their identity card or passport; their driver's license and their valid credit card.

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