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December 7, 2023

Eco-Friendly Electric Cars for your Rental: What you Need to Know

In the world of car rentals, traditional gas-powered vehicles have always been the go-to choice. However, in recent years, many rental companies have been embracing greener options to reduce their carbon footprint. Hybrid and electric rental cars are gaining popularity among travelers for their eco-friendly appeal. But before you jump on the electric car bandwagon for your next rental, there are some important things to consider.

Eco-Friendly Electric Cars for your Rental: What you Need to Know

Choosing the Right Destination

The availability of charging infrastructure plays a significant role in your electric car rental experience. Some countries, like Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Norway, have robust charging networks, making electric cars a great choice for travelers in these regions. If your travel plans include these countries, opting for an electric car is a no-brainer.

However, if you're planning a Mediterranean getaway, you might want to think twice about renting an electric car. Many Mediterranean countries are still in the process of becoming electric vehicle (EV)-friendly, with limited charging stations and long wait times. You don't want to spend your vacation waiting in line for a charge.

Traveling in North America

If your travel takes you to the United States or Canada, you're in luck. There's a cross-border charging corridor between these two countries with various charging stations. But if your journey involves more remote areas, be sure to plan your route carefully to ensure you'll have access to charging stations. The distances can be long, and running out of power is a real concern. If you want an eco-friendly option with more flexibility, consider a hybrid that can run on both battery and gas.

Understanding Charger Types

When renting an electric vehicle, it's crucial to consider the type of charger you'll need. Most electric cars are compatible with level 2 chargers, which typically require up to 7 hours for a full charge. If you dream of driving a Tesla, be prepared for a higher rental price. However, Tesla's navigation system will assist you in locating charging points, including their supercharge network, allowing you to get back on the road just 15 minutes after your batteries are recharged.

Navigating Charging Policies

Similar to traditional fuel policies, car rental companies offer various charging policies for EVs. When you pick up your rental electric car, the supplier will measure the battery level and expect you to return it with a similar charge level. Failing to return the vehicle fully charged may result in recharging fees.

Renting an electric car for your travels can be an eco-conscious choice, but it's essential to consider your destination, charging infrastructure, charger types, and charging policies before making a decision. By planning ahead, you can enjoy an environmentally friendly and hassle-free rental experience.

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