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December 7, 2023

Top Tips for Car Rentals on Skiing Holidays

As the winter season approaches, so do the exciting prospects of snow-filled adventures and exhilarating winter sports. The thrill of dusting off your skis, preparing your winter gear, and choosing the trendiest ski goggles is just the beginning. However, one crucial question lingers: How will you reach your chosen ski destination, and what's the best way to get there? Consider the convenience and flexibility of renting a car through HAPPYCAR for your ski vacation.

Top Tips for Car Rentals on Skiing Holidays

Book Your Ski Vacation Rental Car in Advance

When it comes to car rentals for your winter getaway, planning is paramount. You won't be the only one seeking the convenience of a rental car for your ski trip, and you likely have specific requirements regarding the type of vehicle you need, depending on the number of travelers and the equipment you'll be transporting, such as skis. Booking your rental car well in advance is advisable to secure the vehicle class you desire. Moreover, rental rates tend to increase the closer you get to your departure date.

Choose a Rental Car with Winter Tires or Snow Chains

Traveling during the winter season requires special consideration for safety. Unlike summer rentals, winter tires or Snow Chains are not always standard equipment on rental cars. The availability often depends on local laws and regulations. In many countries, winter tires are mandatory between October and April or during adverse weather conditions like ice, frost, snow, or slush.

When you place a booking at HAPPYCAR, make sure to add a request for winter equipment, so that this information can be immediately forwarded to the local rental company.

Consider Renting a Car with a roof box

To make the most of your skiing holiday, you'll likely need a convenient way to transport your skis. Many car rental companies offer ski boxes or racks that can be mounted on the roof of your rental car. These accessories need to be reserved separately and are typically paid for at the rental location, similar to snow chains.

Prepare a Winter Checklist

Apart from winter tires and ski-related equipment, it's essential to have a well-prepared winter checklist for your rental car. This checklist should include:

  • A high-quality ice scraper to clear your windows efficiently

  • A car brush to remove snow from your vehicle

  • A cloth or chamois to address windshield fogging

  • Adequate wiper fluid with antifreeze, both in the reservoir and as a spare

  • A flashlight or headlamp for emergencies, especially when installing snow chains in dark or remote areas

  • A car charger for your phone, as batteries tend to drain faster in cold weather. Additionally, carry a power bank to ensure you can make calls even if both your car and phone batteries are low.

Secure Adequate Insurance Coverage for Your Rental Car

Given the increased risk of accidents in wintry conditions and the potential for damage when using snow chains, it's crucial to ensure your rental car is adequately insured during the winter season. Arranging insurance coverage in advance is advisable, as it is often more cost-effective than securing it on-site. To do so, check out our Worry Free offers. These offers include a covered deductible so you can travel without worry.

In conclusion, planning is key when renting a car for your skiing holiday. By booking your rental car in advance, choosing the right accessories, and considering the appropriate car rental insurance, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable winter getaway filled with memorable ski adventures. Explore HAPPYCARs car rental options today to make the most of your upcoming skiing holiday.

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