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from $15 per day
rental period of 21 days

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Rental Car Beziers

Beziers is one of the oldest cities in the south of France, and Europe as a whole. Some of the predated histories go back as far as 575 BC which makes this marvelous city almost at par with early European civilizations such as Greece. The Greek Agathe Tyche, now Agde (France) and Greek Massalia now Marseille (France) which were both founded courtesy of the Greek/Roman conquest in 525 B.C. and 600 B.C. respectively, mostly as ports, just goes to highlight just how rich a heritage this city has amassed over more than two millennia. It was occupied as early as the Neolithic age which was between 10 and 200 B.C. and later on, it was colonized by the Romans at around 36-35 B.C. One principal factor of Beziers is that it was a lucrative trade route, and with the Mediterranean climate known to allow grapes and dates to thrive, and was infamous for its wine exports. Similar to other European cities, it was fought over in grueling wars, such as when the Moors conquered it between 720 and 752, just as they did to other major towns on lucrative trade routes such as Badajoz, Spain. The city has a population of 75,701, and it is renowned for the Feria de Béziers which is a bullfighting tradition that attracts over a million visitors in just 5 days of the event. Having been under a monarchy for most of its history, the buildings have a gothic accent in terms of architecture, whereby the streets are narrow, and in a bid to preserve them, urbanization is slow. To get around, it is more effective if you opt for a car rental in Beziers

Advantages of HAPPYCAR

HAPPYCAR is an online transport service which aims to connect to with cheap and affordable transport alternatives, particularly car hire when you travel to other destinations away from home. You can rent a car from some of our partners such as Avis, RentalCars, Argus Car Hire, Thrifty, and Enterprise, by visiting our official website which also doubles as our place of business. Once you type, for instance, 'car hire Beziers' before you even travel, you get to see the numerous alternatives provided. It is almost like you never left home because you are designated a personal driver, and you exercise the option of cancelling your booking within 24 hours without any questions asked, at no cost or risk whatsoever.

General Info on Beziers

One of the intangible relics of Beziers has to be the French Revolution, which members of the city willingly contributed to in the early 1790s, and it is a well documented fact, even in other regions of France. Other than that, there is an old section of the city, plus monuments which are scattered within and on the outskirts. The most popular tourist attraction has to be the Saint-Nazaire Cathedral which is located on the high part of the town. In fact, it seems to be at the top of a cliff overlooking the entire city. Among other notable attractions, are the Église de la Madeleine, Le domaine de Saint-Jean-d'Aurelihan (neo-Gothic style tower), canal bridge and the Garden de la Plantade. It is more effective to use a rental car in Beziers because some of the iconic monuments have strict operating hours, plus they are kilometers apart anyway, and manouvering can be cumbersome at times.

Rental Car Beziers - Tour Efficiently

In the old parts of the city, it is more advisable to take a walk because of firstly, the serene environment which is pleasing to the eye, and secondly, because the neo-Gothic architecture allocated enough sidewalks and roads for people, horses, and carriages (royalty). Once you are finished with the tour of this marvelous spectacle, there are other iconic monuments out of town which call for a car rental in Beziers to effectively cover ground to the destination in the shortest time possible.

Roadtrip Beziers - Explore The City In Elegance

If you thought that a car hire in Beziers is not necessary, then picture a scenario where your ride for the day is billing you by the minute, and you need to take a walk on the old bridge. It would be a rather expensive adventure, or if you wanted to take a glance at the local museum, and you do not know your way around the area. It is why a car rental with us is the best option. With competitive prices, a qualified driver, you need not worry about how your trip to Beziers will pan out, because the driver can even double as your guide. So, book a rental car with us today!