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November 29, 2023

Lost Your Car Keys? What Should You Do Next?

If you lose your rental car key, it is important to keep calm. Check if you can see the key inside or around the vehicle. If not, please secure the car against theft and contact your rental company. Loss of keys, as well as theft due to loss of keys, is often not included in theft insurance. 

Lost Your Car Keys? What Should You Do Next?

Do Not Panic!

Briefly retrace your steps to see if you can remember where you last saw them.

  • Maybe you forgot your key when paying at a cashier desk?

  • Did it fall behind a piece of furniture?

  • Is the lost rental car key hidden somewhere in your pocket?

There are many possibilities; sometimes, it is worthwhile to look around the immediate vicinity of the car. You might even find it under the car. Maybe ask around if somebody has found a key. It is unlikely, but don't exclude the inside of the vehicle as a possible location of the lost rental car key.

Keys Are Inside the Car

If the key is actually in the ignition or just inside the car, do not tamper with the vehicle yourself. Instead, it is advisable to call the local supplier or a breakdown service. 

Keys Cannot Be Found at All

Directly notify the local supplier to inform them about the loss and check for the following steps. This situation is not a disaster, because usually, the company has a spare key at its disposal. However, rental car insurance, or theft insurance, usually does not cover theft if you lose the rental car key. There should therefore always be at least one person near the vehicle. This is the only way to ensure that the key has not fallen into the hands of a thief who then gains access to the vehicle. If the car is stolen, you may be faced with even higher costs.

Be Aware! Insurance Generally Doesn't Pay for Stolen Car Keys

If you have lost your rental car keys or if a thief has stolen the keys, the car rental theft insurance does not cover this. Such a scenario falls under the category gross negligence. You are therefore liable.

In conclusion, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free car rental experience involves a combination of preparedness, communication, and awareness of rental policies. It is wise to be mindful of your rental car key throughout your rental period to prevent any inconvenience. Keep it in a consistent and memorable place to reduce the risk of misplacing it. However, if you do find yourself in a situation where you've lost your key, act promptly by retracing your steps and searching thoroughly. Remember that towing services and replacement keys may come with associated costs, so it's essential to be familiar with your insurance conditions. Travel smart and effortlessly with HAPPYCAR!

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