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from $26 per day
rental period of 7 days

This offer was found on 03/19/2020 02:44 AM.

This offer was found on 03/19/2020 02:44 AM.



from $38 per day
rental period of 7 days

This offer was found on 03/19/2020 02:44 AM.

This offer was found on 03/19/2020 02:44 AM.

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Didn’t think it was possible to book a car at such a low price .
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Rental Car Newark International Airport

Both the Elizabeth and Newark cities pride themselves in Newark Airport. You might think it is the only airport around the two cities. However, you are very wrong. The towns are in a competition to have the better part of the airport termed as theirs due to its regional and international status. Unlike other airports in the New York Metropolitan area, it was the first major airport to be built not just in New Jersey but the whole of the country. The annual record of passengers landing in the airport has much to tell. You could be wondering why the city is among the largest airports in the world as far as human traffic is concerned. Some of the pull factors attributed to the town are its excellent services to the travelers, welcoming natives and outstanding features. However, car rental Newark Airport services are exceptionally the outstanding factors that every customer has to tell others. The HAPPYCAR Company will avail a broad range of holiday autos for you to select the best. In addition, it will give you advice regarding the rental cars charges so that you travel via an economical means. Just compare the wide range of offers on the HAPPYCAR website.

Rental car Newark Airport, a unique service
Every day people are going to various destinations. However, if you ask any about their holiday experience, they will not fail to complain about the hectic traveling conditions. If you find someone boasting of a driving experience, don’t wonder. They must have used the rental car Newark Airport services. Surely the airport is at its status today thanks to the car hire Newark airport services. Once, you visit the city; you will find the Hertz waiting to take you within the port and even on the surrounding. Not only will you enjoy the easy drives but also you will have first-hand information on the history of the city. Did you know that the town was built on a reclaimed land? Right, some portion of River Passaic had to be sacrificed to pave the way for this great port. If you hire car Newark airport along the river, you will see the portion of the river reclaimed. Also, you can visit the first administration building in the city using our hire car Newark Airport. In fact, the building is recorded in the National Register of Historic Places.

Discover Newark Airport with your rental car
The airport is too large for you to tour all its corners without the help of the car rental Newark services. Also, every sight in the city demands for additional time. However, in so doing at the end of the vacation, you will realize that you covered so little about the city. Thus, the best way to explore the city is to hire car rental Newark Airport and let the driver not just to drive you in the town but also in the whole city. At the city make sure you stay at Marriott Hotels, the only restaurant in the airport’s land. The hotel is well furnished, and all meals are available. Also, make sure you are conversant with the signage styles in the airport, as it will lead you to various places such as the restrooms, airline gates, etc.

Road trips from Newark airport, the best
In the middle of the cities of Elizabeth and Newark lies an international airport. Also, other cities lie in the proximity of the airport. Not only is the town surrounded by major urban centers but also it is in the middle of beautiful scenery. Whether you seek car hire Newark Airport services to the north or south of the city, on your way back you will have something to boast about to your colleagues. Time can’t allow you to explore all these neighborhoods. Therefore, prioritize a visit first to the two principal cities. Newark city is known to have the best dance and art performers. On the other hand, Elizabeth city is an embodiment of both the American culture and economy.