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Rental Car Ancona

Rental Car Ancona

Getting the best out of rental cars has never been easy. Most people don't really get the service they want with just any rental car. Most car rental companies can overcharge unsuspecting clients and in return offer inadequate services. Therefore, it is important for you to do a price comparison with HAPPYCAR so that you get the best deals globally. HAPPYCAR has partnered with a good number of cheap car rental companies, which include AutoEurope, AutoEscape, and Thrifty. These are among the best car rental companies you can rely on when you take a trip to Ancona. Ancona may sound just like any other city, but there's a lot than you thought. Read on to see why you should visit Ancona using rental car Ancona.

What you need to know about Anconafrp

Ancona is a seaport in Italy. The city is the capital of Ancona Province and is situated about 280 km North of Rome and is lying between the sloping lands of Monte Astogno, Monte Guasco, and Monte Conero. This city was founded by the Greek settlers around 387 BC. The Greeks constructed the Tyrian purple dye factory. The city was later taken up by the Romans, but when this happened is still uncertain. Loreto is a city in the Marches region that is considered the most sacred center for catholic pilgrimage. You can also visit the towns of Lesi and Sirolo both of which have a rich historical heritage.

Ancona City is a port city on the Adriatic Sea coast. A good portion of its medieval center was destroyed during the World War II. There is a cathedral set up on the mountain overlooking the city and this is okay for viewing. A monument constructed by Mussolini on the water-front gives a glorious view of the coastline. At the mount base, you will find the famous resorts of Sirolo, Santa Maria di Badia, and Portonovo.

Discover the City of Ancona using Rental Car Ancona

Ancona International Airport is an important facility that serves Ancona City in Marche region. The facility is well located within the center of the region and is about 12 km from the city. You can pick up your car rental Ancona at the airport and move to your preferred destination. You can visit the marble Arch Trajan, which is 18m high, erected as an entry to the causeway, and is one of the attractive Roman monuments in the region.

Ancona boasts of a humid subtropical climate and the it's located on the border between continental and Mediterranean regions. There is regular precipitation in most times of the year with usual snow fall during winters. The temperature may reach -10 °C during the most intense winters.

You can use car hire Ancona for a road trip in the city of Ancona

Visitors prefer the city of Ancona over the others owing to its plethora of cultural activities. The city is the biggest in the Marche region and is graced with remarkable historic theaters that offer the visitors a unique source of entertainment. With a car hire Ancona from the Airport you can drive to the famous Piazza Della Repubblica, which is situated on the western side of the harbor passing through Porta Pia. Here you will be able to feel the touch of the early 18th century.

Ancona city is situated between the slopes of the extremities of Monte Astagno and Monte Guasco. Therefore, take a scenic ride to experience the scenic landscape and the breathtaking Adriatic coast. Do not forget to take a ride to the magnificent Roman Monument and the marble arch of Trojan. Visiting the national Archaeological museum, which is home to hundreds of prehistoric Greek and Roman artifacts will add flavor to your trip.

Don't forget to get to the Trattoria Ulderico located at the waterfront near the Mole Vanvitelliana. This is an excellent and a well-budgeted place to eat fish and get relaxed service. Raval situated in the Piazza del Plebiscito is a good place to interact with other visitors and get freshly prepared cocktail and the delicious Italian tapas.

With Car rental Ancona, you will get the best of car rental services when you visit the city of Ancona. You simply need to visit and see what different car rental companies offer. This will help you get the best cars and the best car rental services.