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Rental Car Austin Straubel International Airport (WI)

It is a county-owned public airport that is used for both commercial domestic flights as well as for handling cargo planes from at least three different destinations which are Iron Mountain, Milwaukee, and Appleton. This is the fourth busiest airport in Wisconsin, also known as 'The Gateway to Lambeau' in reference to the city's NFL (National Football League) stadium going by the same name, and it registers an average of 500,000 departures and arrivals annually. The airport covers an average of 2,441 acres and it serves neighboring cities such as Ashwaubenon, Bellevue, and Oneida. If you want to get to downtown Green Bay where there are adequate accommodation spaces, then you can use a car rental from Austin Straubel International Airport which is a more economical way of covering the 8.6-mile (16-minute) trip.

Rental Car Austin Straubel International Airport, The Best Choice

You do not have to stress while in your quest for car hire because the HAPPYCAR portal is hustle free. All you need to do is to key in the vital information such as the pick-up point, the car model, and your budget. HAPPYCAR has partnered with several car rental companies such as Holiday Autos, Argus Car Hire, and CarDelMar, all of which offer car hire from Austin Straubel International Airport at competitive prices. Another advantage is that you can make the reservation on the portal via a desktop computer, a laptop, or even a smartphone from any location with a dedicated internet connection, all in advance.

Discover Austin Straubel International Airport Using Our Rental Car

In fact, there are numerous attractions in Green Bay which are scattered within a 2mile to a 3-mile radius in the 55.76 square mile city. This makes it more convenient to use a car hire service as compared to public means especially because you might be forced to take more than one taxicab or bus to hop from one location to the other. Now, this can be costly and time-consuming as well. Take for instance, when moving from the Bay Beach which is a popular chill spot where you can bask in the sun to the National Railroad Museum on South Broadway which is at least 5.1 miles (a 13minute drive).

From here you can head over to the Green Bay Botanical Garden on Larsen Road along route I-41 which is at least a 12-minute drive (6.5-miles). It is a non-profit botanical garden which is only open on weekdays in the event it is the cold season or daily in the warmer months where you have to pay an admission fee to gain access to what was once Larsen Orchard, which opened its doors in 1996.

Day Road Trips From Austin Straubel International Airport

Car hire from Austin Straubel International Airport can come in handy particularly if you want to visit the city of Oneida. A short day road trip to this city guarantees you a fun time with lots of activities that you can indulge in such as playing amateur or professional poker at the Oneida Casino.

Later on, a 7.7-mile (16-minute) drive to the Neville Public Museum is a good way to conclude the day road trip because it is less than a mile from downtown Green Bay. Here, you can view the exhibits that showcase the history, art, and science of Northeast Wisconsin.

A brilliant way to wind of the evening is to visit the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary which is a 600-acre rehabilitation refuge for wildlife in the urban municipality. The best part is that this sanctuary lies by the shore of the Dead Horse Bay where there is a cool evening breeze as the tide sets in, on a warm evening. So book a car today on the HAPPYCAR portal for a scintillating experience in Green Bay, Wisconsin.