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Rental Car Baltimore (MD)

Car Rental in Baltimore

As one of the oldest cities in the United States, it's no surprise that Baltimore is rich in things to see and do. This port city has a wealth of historical attractions, including the location where the national anthem was composed. Whether you want to explore the city's heritage or just dig into some Maryland crabs by the Patapsco River, Baltimore makes a great destination. Cheap car hire in Baltimore is the best way to see the city, and will also enable you to visit neighboring Washington, D.C. or Annapolis.

What can I see in Baltimore?

Fort McHenry is one of the most important military installations in the country. Built in 1798, it remained in use until the Second World War, and today it is a national monument. This is where The Star Spangled Banner was written, inspired by the victory against the British in the Battle of Baltimore. The original flag that flew here is in poor condition but can still be viewed. Before traveling here in your Baltimore car rental, check the program of events to see if any historical re-enactments will be taking place.

A day spent at the Inner Harbor is a highlight for many visitors. Here you'll find the Maryland Science Center with its impressive planetarium as well as the Top of the World Observation Level, which gives the best views over the city. At the harbor level, you can see a selection of historical warships, which serve as a reminder of the important role Baltimore has played as a port city in many conflicts. Park your Baltimore car hire and get ready to spend all day exploring this part of town.



If you want to eat Maryland crabs, then time your visit for the summer or early fall. This is when they're at their freshest and best. You could even visit in September for the Baltimore Seafood Fest when several of the city's best restaurants join in the fun. Rent a car in Baltimore and head to the Canton Waterfront Park. Be aware that this event usually sells out well in advance, so book early.


Kids in Baltimore

Take your car hire in Baltimore to the National Aquarium for one of the best collections of sea life in America. Shark Alley is not to be missed, and you'll also get the chance to gaze at dolphins, sea turtles, and alligators. Kids will love the chance to examine these creatures.

Baltimore has several museums, but the most child-friendly may be the B&O Railroad Museum. Swap your rental car in Baltimore for another form of transport when you take a train ride along the historic mile of track and visit some authentic 19th-century railroad buildings. With plenty of locomotives to look at, this museum has won several awards for its family-friendly credentials.

Can I visit Washington, D.C. from Baltimore?

Yes – in fact, many Baltimore residents work in the nation's capital, as the two cities are so close. Pick up your cheap car rental in Baltimore and hit the Parkway. There are just 40 miles between the two cities, so it's quick and easy to get there in your car rental from Baltimore and spend a day exploring the national monuments.

Getting around Baltimore

Cheap car rentals from Baltimore Airport BWI offer you a simple and comfortable way to travel around the city. Baltimore is not known for its good public transportation, so rental cars in Baltimore are the best way to stay in the tourist-friendly center or visit neighboring towns.

Where can I travel from Baltimore?

As Baltimore is on the Eastern Seaboard, it has great road connections to a number of major cities. One often-overlooked destination is Annapolis, the capital of Maryland, just 32 miles away. You can pick up your low cost car hire in Baltimore or, alternatively, look for cheap car rentals at Annapolis Airport ANP. Set on the picturesque Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis has a beautiful historic district and the United States Naval Academy.

When should I book my car?

If you're trying to find the cheapest car hire in Baltimore, we at HAPPYCAR recommend booking in advance. Even if there's no major event happening in the city during your visit, remember that visitors to Washington, D.C. often take advantage of the lower prices in Baltimore. For the best car rental in Baltimore, start your search early.

At HAPPYCAR, we can help you find cheap car rentals in the United States as well as foreign vacation destinations. We'll help you source not just your car rentals in Baltimore, but also cheap car rentals in Houston or cheap car rentals in Cancun. Get onto HAPPYCAR and find the best car hire in Baltimore today.