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Rental Car Baton Rouge

Visit Baton Rouge in a Rental Car!

Visiting a different city is always a fun endeavor, though it's important to keep finances and costs in mind in order to ensure the most financially responsible trip. With this in mind, one of the best ways to get around any city is in a rental car, and Baton Rouge is no different. Renting a car from Argus Car Hire, Holiday Autos, and Hertz is always a great idea as you are sure to get the lowest possible price in the industry. Not only will you pay the lowest price, but you will be sure to have a great car to cruise around in as well! So, don't delay in picking up a car rental Baton Rouge today! Use the comparison website HAPPYCAR to find the cheapest rental car for your needs.

Rental car Baton Rouge

As the capital of Louisiana, Baton Rouge is located on the east bank of the mighty Mississippi River. Baton Rouge is Louisiana's second biggest city, and as such is home to a wide variety of attractions worth visiting in your rental car. The city gets its name from a 1699 expedition during which French explorers found a pole that was stained with the blood of animals. This stick was used to serve as the dividing line between competing Indian tribes. It is from this "red stick" that the city got its name ("le Baton Rouge" is French for "red stick"). The small town eventually became the capital of Louisiana and continued to grow over the years. Interestingly, the capital of Louisiana was returned to New Orleans for a short time during the American Civil War, but was later returned to Baton Rouge in 1882. 

Discover Baton Rouge with your Rental Car

No visit to Baton Rouge is complete without a visit to Louisiana State University (LSU). LSU is a top school in the United States, and lays claim to a rich and storied history. The LSU campus in Baton Rouge is over a century old, and has a bunch of interesting historic stories for visits to indulge in. The campus is located about 6 miles southwest of downtown Baton Rouge. The campus can be accessed via a number of routes in your car rental Baton Rouge, including via the I-110 S or North Street. Another near tourist attraction in Baton Rouge is the Old Governor's Mansion. Located at 502 North Boulevard, this 1929 mansion is accessible from downtown Baton Rouge in your hire car Baton Rouge via Florida Street. This mansion served as the official residence of nine Louisiana governors, and houses an extensive collection of memorabilia. 

Road trip Baton Rouge

Make sure you don't forget to visit New Orleans. Hop into your car hire Baton Rouge and head down I-10 E for about one and half hours (around 80 miles) to visit New Orleans. New Orleans is notorious for its jazz and culture scene, and is truly unlike any other city in the United States. Founded back in 1718, New Orleans is also one of America's oldest cities with a rich mix of cultures. From French to Irish to Haitian, you can truly experience the world in New Orleans. New Orleans is especially famous for its French Quarter, which is the city's oldest and most visited section. Many historic restaurants line the streets, and there are endless amounts of great music clubs, antique shops, restaurants and museums for people of all ages. Another great road trip to do in your car hire Baton Rouge is to visit the Louisiana Scenic Bayou Byway. Located just before Sidell, head east on I-11 E for about 84 miles. From historic treasures to music festivals and wildlife, this scenic drive is sure to make great use of your rental car Baton Rouge! Who knows, you may even get to see a wild alligator or crocodile from the comfort of your hire car Baton Rouge.