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Rental Car Bloomington (IL)

Blooming city is located about 50 miles south of Indiana region. Tucked between the rolling hills of Illinois, it is the seventh largest city here. The city is served by a number of major airports including, Bloomington Central Illinois Regional Airport, O’Hare International airport and Midway International Airport. The very distinct features that have shaped this city and its people are university and the land. The lakes, forests and hills are highly valued and well protected making it a sanctuary. The city is bursting with activities and places to visit.

While visiting the city for studies, business or vacation, ensure you ease your movement by getting a car rental in Bloomington with HAPPYCAR. At HAPPYCAR, we ensure to make your trip hustle free and worthwhile by providing you with just the car you need at very affordable prices. To ensure that your adventures here at this amazing city are less tiring we give you an opportunity of getting yourself a car that best suits you and your needs.

The advantages of getting yourself a Rental car in Bloomington are many, for instance you get to enjoy your trip more as you move around with ease. You are also able to save time that would have been used to get around using public transport system. We offer you cheap online prices for your Car Hire at Bloomington. Our competent and able partners include AutoEurope, CarDelMar, Europcar among others.

Bloomington city

Its name came about from settlers who saw the place as a haven or sanctuary of blooms naming it Bloomington. Cushioned in the hills of Illinois, this city has spectacular sceneries, vibrant arts and huge sporting events. The local business here is thriving with amazing dining experiences ad unique shopping areas.

The ravines and rocky ridge tops provide an inviting environment for various visitors and welcomes all doers and dreamers. Nature flourishes here through the state parks, gardens and trails abound The character of the city is unique, safe and inviting for all. The city has a little bit of everything and whether you come for studies, business or for fun, Bloomington welcomes all.

Discover Bloomington city with your Rental Car in Bloomington

There is no better place for fun destinations than blooming city and some of them include

Indiana University. This is prestigious institution with a great connection to the community. A tour at the University gives you an overall picture of its History and that of the community. Get to explore campus grounds, celebrate arts and tour the arboretum. The Eskenazi Museum established in 1941 is found here at the university and has an acclaimed collection of arts and paintings. Big ten conference offers you a chance to watch the Hoosier team compete.

Oliver Winery and Vineyards

Founded by Law Professor Oliver, it is one of the largest wineries in the United States. Get to enjoy a wine tasting tour while observing the beautiful sceneries among the vineyards and gardens. Relax and enjoy yourself out on the patio while exploring tasting rooms. The winery is known for its Camelot mead among other award-winning fruit wines. The exciting thing is that you don’t require a reservation to be a part of this quality wine-tasting experience.

Lake Monroe

It is the largest lake in Indiana covering an approximate area of 11000 acres. It is surrounded by a quiet 24000 acres. As the largest inland lake, it is popular for exploring the shore and a nice spot for water activities. Swimming, boating ad swimming activities are found all around the massive manmade lake. Sporting activities such as kayaking and water-skiing are also available.

Day Road trips in Bloomington city

Once you have arrived in the city, get your car Hire in Bloomington and set off to amazing road trips around the city. Just a few miles Northwest of town, visit the McCormicks Creek and explore limestone caves, dense forested landscapes and rushing water. The Tibetan Mongolian Buddist Cultural Centre provides a you with a unique look into a different type of culture. The Wapehani Mountain Bike park provides a quiet land for hikers, trail runners and bikers. You can also get to tour nearby cities with your car rental that include, Indianapolis, Plainfield or Columbus.