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Rental Car Brescia

Rental Car Brescia

Brescia has been described to capture the beauty and history of the region in one city. The city is situated in the Lombardy province of Italy, which is popular for its calm lakes and rolling hills. There are a lot of things to do with a rental car in Brescia. However, you need to be cautious when looking for a car rental in Brescia. You need to do a price comparison before settling on your preferred rental. This will help you get an affordable car rental service. HAPPYCAR is a rental car price comparison website that has partnered with the best car rental companies in the world, which include Hertz, Holiday Autos, and RentalCars. You can visit our platform and booking your car will be easy and hassle free.

Know more about the city of Brescia using rental car Brescia

Brescia is located at the foot of the Alps mountains, and several kilometers from Iseo and Garda lakes. It is the largest city in this region and fourth largest in northern Italy. It was founded more than 3200 years ago and has been an important town since the pre-Roman era. The city contains the best-preserved Roman buildings in northern Italy. A number of monuments such as the Old and New cathedral, rationalist Piazza della Vittoria, the Medieval castle, and the Renaissance Piazza della Loggia are found here.

The city of Brescia is the industrial capital of Italy. Manufacture of firearms, machine tools, and metallurgy together with automotive and mechanical engineering are of economic significance. However, the city has a central residential area, which also focuses on tertiary activities.

Discover the fascinating sights of Brescia using car rental Brescia

Brescia enjoys a humid sub-tropical climate with mild winters and sultry summers. Snowfall is rare and normally occurs in the months of December and January. Humidity is high in most times of the year. During winter high humidity causes fog in the evenings and extending to late mornings. The city receives evenly distributed precipitation throughout the year with the driest month being December.

The old town has rich artistic as well as archaeological heritage, consisting of monuments ranging from contemporary to the ancient age. A good example is the UNESCO World Heritage Monument which was inscribed with the San Salvatore-Santa Giulia monastic complex. The monumental area housing the Republican sanctuary and the Roman theater is another area you can visit.

Take a road trip through the city of Brescia using car hire Brescia

Brescia city is home to several museums worth visiting. You can visit the Tempio Capitolino. These are the ancient Roman ruins that are the remains of a city built by Emperor Vespasian during the Roman Empire. The city is also close to lakes Garda and Iseo. If you happen to use a car rental Brescia, you will get scenic views here and around the city. You can drive down to Franciacorta region located to the south of lake Iseo. Here you will have a chance to taste some of the Italian finest wines and tour cantinas and vineyards.

If you like biking and hiking, just get to the Alpine foothills. The area is open to all adventurous visitors. If you want to understand the local culture, then Piazza della Loggia should be your first port of call. Just a few meters way you will find the monument to Italy's war of independence, Torre di San Martino. Don't forget to take an underground walk through the geological base of Brescia at the Brescia Underground exhibit. The city of Brescia is the most night-active in Italy. If you want to have a drink while chatting with your friends at the city center, you can try the Piazzale Arnaldo.

Getting a good car hire Brescia will be an ingredient of making your trip memorable. Make sure you check with for a car rental price comparison. This way you will get the most affordable car rental service in Brescia.