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Climate chart Brindisi

max 57°F min 52°F
max 55°F min 48°F
max 55°F min 48°F
max 63°F min 55°F
max 73°F min 64°F
max 86°F min 73°F
max 90°F min 77°F
max 93°F min 72°F
max 81°F min 72°F
max 72°F min 66°F
max 64°F min 59°F
max 59°F min 54°F

Weekly overview Brindisi

Weather Brindisi 7 days

Tuesday 05-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 48°F / 55°F
Wednesday 06-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 52°F / 59°F
Thursday 07-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 50°F / 55°F
Friday 08-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 50°F / 55°F
Saturday 09-03-2024 Partly cloudy 50°F / 59°F
Sunday 10-03-2024 Moderate rain 52°F / 57°F
Monday 11-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 50°F / 54°F
Tuesday 12-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 52°F / 57°F
Wednesday 13-03-2024 Sunny/Clear 54°F / 59°F
Thursday 14-03-2024 Partly cloudy 54°F / 63°F
Friday 15-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 55°F / 61°F
Saturday 16-03-2024 Moderate rain 55°F / 57°F
Sunday 17-03-2024 Patchy rain possible 55°F / 61°F
Monday 18-03-2024 Sunny/Clear 55°F / 63°F

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Brindisi attractions and Travel Tips

Rental Car Brindisi

Perhaps you're having plans to have a business trip or a vacation within the next couple of days. Hiring a car for the trip is one among your many options of navigating your destination of choice. Brindisi has been known for many years now as the gateway to the east and has been a tourist destination thanks to its low and sandy shoreline and mild climate. This should be your next stop when on a business trip or a vacation, but how will you get the best car rental Brindisi services? This is where HAPPYCAR comes in. We will help you compare car rental services from hundreds of rental car companies that have partnered with us and they include Sicily by Car, Maggiore, and Avis.

More about rental car Brindisi

Brindisi is a city in the Apulia region of southern Italy and is the capital of the Brindisi province on the Adriatic Sea coast. Historically the city has been an important destination for trade and culture owing to its strategic position on the Italian Peninsula as well as the natural port on the Adriatic Sea. The city is still an important port for trade between the Middle East and Greece.

Murge Plateau occupies a larger portion of the hinterland. The plateau meets Itria valley in the north, which is also known as the "Land of the Trulli." The land is also occupied with cultivated fields, which alternate with extensive olive groves, colorful orchards and vineyards. Further in the hinterland you will find traditional villages dominated by huge watchtowers and fortresses that tell the story of the Angevin and Fredrick II of Swabia invasion and domination. However, the presence of the prehistoric Messapian Civilization gives more ancient testimonies.

Bari, located about 100km from Brindisi is also a famous tourist destination you might not want to miss. Touring this city will give you a chance to view the imposing cathedrals and castles that dominate the city.

Discover more about Brindisi using rental car Brindisi

Brindisi is graced with a Mediterranean climate. Summers are normally hot, humid and with plenty of sunshine. Winters are mild with frequent rainfall. The city together with a majority of topographically flat Salento peninsula experience light wind during most times of the year. The city is situated on the Adriatic coast lying between two deeps bays overlooked by the Red Castle. The western channel of the port is overlooked by the Swabian Castle, which is a venue for an avalanche of cultural festivals.

The Egnazia Archaeological Park houses important artifacts that date back to the Roman Age and houses the remains of earlier settlements. Further inland you will find the Cisternino, which is the capital of the Itria Valley. You will have a view of white houses, courtyards, and narrow alleyways that make up this architectural jewel.

Take a road trip to Brindisi using car rental Brindisi

Brindisi is a historical town in Italy and has been considered as a bridge to the east. It was a major port for Venetian and Roman Merchants. The Apulia port is still useful to date for travel from the sea to the airports. Once you are at Brindisi, you will definitely want to visit the Svevo Castle, which is a prehistoric site. This castle was first built in 1132 and later destroyed in 1156. In 1233 Fredrick II rebuilt it to what has remained now with a moat surrounding the eastern, western, and southern sides. You can easily view the port from the Swabian Tower and the Svevo Castle. Take a car hire Brindisi for a trip to the Temio di San Giovanni al Sepolcro. This is a Historical church that mirrors the Holy Sepulcher Church of Jerusalem

Lido Azzurro beach is graced with fine grains and clear waters. You will find plenty of cabins to rent. This will definitely make your vacation wholesome. As you wind up your trip, please visit the wildlife park in Italy situated just a few kilometers from Fasano. Adults together with children enjoy to view the tigers, bison, and bears as they roam amidst the Mediterranean vegetation.

Don't forget to taste the mandorla riccia, which is a typical confectionery product and is crunchy inside and crispy outside. In addition, taste the tasty pastry biscotto cegliese served with toasted almonds, lemon marmalade, and cherry.

Next time you have a business trip or a vacation, think of HAPPYCAR for price comparison. It is fast and convenient and will probably save you up to 60% on car rental. Just pick a car hire Brindisi for your next vacation and you will not regret it.