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Rental Car Canada

The vastness of Canada is sometimes forgotten: the largest country in North America, with the United States right behind it, and second in the world only to Russia. Canada is wealthy in both capital and biodiversity and remains a major global tourist destination.

In the east, the mountainous Maritime Provinces enjoy an irregular coastline looking out to the frigid Atlantic. The St. Lawrence plain, stretching across most of Quebec and Ontario, and the interior continental plain are the principal areas of natural cultivation. West towards the Pacific lies most of British Columbia, ragged with mountain ranges and fjords. The north houses Canada’s Arctic Outback, a vast, pristine landscape of glaciers, icebergs and tundra.

HAPPYCAR is here to help you find the best car hire Canada has to offer so you can take full advantage of this vast and varied country. While there are many airports dotted all over Canada, the overwhelming majority of international travelers arrive first in Toronto. A direct car hire Toronto Airport is available from HAPPYCAR, along with all the major airports around the country. We check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to compare every website, and provide you with the best deals to make your money go further.

General Information

Norse explorer Leif Eriksson first reached the shores of Canada in 1,000 AD, to find native Inuit populations scattered across the country. In 1534, the French occupied Canada and in 1763, the British Empire exerted control of the country. Nowadays, Canada embraces people from all over the world.

Thanks to this inclusion, Canada is a spectrum of cultures, for the most part a mélange of immigrant groups who supplanted the continent’s many aboriginal peoples. For visitors, this exemplary tolerance usually manages to wow, offering broad cultural, artistic and culinary experiences.

Canada is local food heaven. From piquant cheeses to off-the-vine veggies, poutine (fries drenched in cheese curds and gravy) and berry pie, the variation leaves your mouth watering. And with a coastline that spans six time zones and would reach halfway to the Moon if stretched out, it is no surprise that Canada’s seafood offerings are bountiful, from lobster to wild salmon to fat mussels.

And the variety spreads into its celebrations, too. Year round there is something to celebrate, from icewine festivals in the north to tulip festivals in Ottawa and Toronto’s film festival.

Using a car hire in Canada

Canada’s cities are about as diverse as its landscapes – enchanting Quebec, trendy Vancouver, cosmopolitan Toronto and stylish Montreal are what people think of when they think of Canada, and for good reason. But beyond the cities, public transport is tough and expensive. Most people take a Canada car hire, and is widely believed to be the best way to see the country. It is a great way to go beyond ordinary and discover the extraordinary.

Visiting Canada in one trip is a daunting undertaking. The provinces are all distinct and, perhaps if you don’t have the rest of your life to explore this amazing place, sticking to a couple at a time is the best bet.

The Atlantic Provinces in the east are full of history, particularly during the formation of Canada as a sovereign state. The culturally distinct Quebec is a unique experience, with grand architecture and a curious bilingualism between French and English. Ontario is Canada’s most populous province, full of charm and natural beauty. The Prairies are known for its vast resources and British Columbia is famed for its natural variety. And the North contains some of the most remote regions on earth.

You can spend a lifetime in this spectacular country and not tire of what it has to offer. There is so much to see in this part of the world and a Canada car rental can help you uncover some of the many mysteries just waiting to be discovered.