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Rental Car Capital Region International Airport Lansing (MI)

Also known as the Capital Region International Airport, this public facility handles an average of 350,000 passengers annually in commercial flights. To give you a run-down on just how popular a destination Lansing is, there are approximately 7,000 chartered planes landing on the airstrip, some of which are by high-profile personalities. The airport has been upgraded severally, particularly for the sole purpose of enabling it to handle international flights to and from countries such as Jamaica, Montego Bay, and Cancun, Mexico. Currently, there are plans underway to increase its capacity for both cargo and passengers seeing as Lansing is the capital of the State of Michigan and it attracts many tourists. This means that the airport not only serves the greater Lansing Metropolitan area, but also neighboring cities such as Portland, Westphalia, and Fowler. In fact, the airport is just a 14-minute (5.2-mile) drive to Lansing itself which is why a car rental from the Capital Region International Airport is a good way to explore the city.

Rental Car Capital Region International Airport, The Best Choice

The best thing about modern technology is that you don' t need to wait before arriving in Lansing to seek the services of a car hire service. All you need to do is access the HAPPYCAR prior to your arrival from either your desktop or smartphone and book the car of your choice. HAPPYCAR has partnered with services such as Holiday Autos, Hertz, and AutoEurope to provide cars that fulfill all the traffic pre-requisites eg. current safety standards. They are also comfortable and offer a great degree of luxury at competitive prices.

Discover Capital Region International Airport Using Our Rental Car

Lansing has numerous attractions, all of which are located within a 4-mile radius of each other. Seeing how Lansing is a metropolitan which covers approximately 39.81 square miles (103.11 kilometers squared) it might be more cost effective and convenient to use a car hire from Capital Region International Airport especially when you factor in traffic snarl-ups and connector routes used by the rapid bus transit system.

Located less than 2-miles from the airport, you can visit the Potter Park Zoo which sits on 102-acres and it is considered as the oldest public zoo in the State of Michigan. Even more fascinating is that it is home to over 150 species of fauna, most of which are endangered.

If you are fascinated by Scientific inventions or rather Science in general, then you can head over to the Impression 5 Science Center which is only a 6-min (0.9-mile) drive from the airport. Here, some of the exhibits include Magnetism and Electricity inventions as well as a Spectrum.

Day Road Trips From Capital Region International Airport

Apart from the well-known attractions near the metropolitan area, you can take time and explore the outskirts of the city. Here, there are ' hidden gems' as the locals refer to them, where you can indulge in slow boat rides along the Grand and the Looking Glass rivers in Portland Michigan which is just a 28-minute (26.5-mile) drive.

Alternatively, a 32-minute (29.1-mile) drive to Fowler can have you check into one of the more notable gun ranges in the area for some fascinating target practice. It is a unique activity away from the more notable hikes and nature trails that dot the outskirts of the Lansing metropolitan area.

Lansing is properly linked to all the other major towns via an excellent road network, so you can use a car hire from Capital Region International Airport for quick, day road trips. They can be brief or they can even last the entire day but there is not a worry in the world because the hospitality sector in Michigan is world class, and there is sufficient accommodation if you wish to spend the night. So, book a car today on HAPPYCAR!