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Climate chart Japan

max 50°F min 39°F
max 52°F min 43°F
max 59°F min 48°F
max 66°F min 55°F
max 72°F min 61°F
max 81°F min 70°F
max 88°F min 77°F
max 88°F min 79°F
max 84°F min 73°F
max 72°F min 63°F
max 66°F min 57°F
max 52°F min 43°F

Weekly overview Japan

Weather Japan 7 days

Thursday 30-05-2024 Sunny/Clear 66°F / 79°F
Friday 31-05-2024 Heavy rain 61°F / 66°F
Saturday 01-06-2024 Patchy rain possible 64°F / 77°F
Sunday 02-06-2024 Patchy rain possible 64°F / 73°F
Monday 03-06-2024 Moderate rain 64°F / 73°F
Tuesday 04-06-2024 Patchy rain possible 63°F / 68°F
Wednesday 05-06-2024 Moderate rain 61°F / 64°F
Thursday 06-06-2024 Overcast 59°F / 70°F
Friday 07-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 61°F / 77°F
Saturday 08-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 66°F / 81°F
Sunday 09-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 68°F / 82°F
Monday 10-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 70°F / 79°F
Tuesday 11-06-2024 Sunny/Clear 68°F / 77°F
Wednesday 12-06-2024 Partly cloudy 70°F / 81°F

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Japan attractions and Travel Tips

Why rent a car in Japan?
With a strong cultural identity and an increasingly popular entertainment industry, Japan is a unique country. With anime, cherry blossom viewing, and heritage sites, Japan has something for everyone. The best way to see the country is by car, so read on for your guide to car rentals in Japan.

Rent a car in Japan - Quick and easy
Access to the internet - that's all it takes to bring your car rental in Japan closer. Thanks to the HAPPYCAR service, you can choose between the different car rental suppliers' products. What makes our service unique is the comparison of car rental prices and additional add-ons.
Using our many filters, you will quickly find the right offer that meets all your needs. Think for example of the following popular filters:
  • Additional driver
  • Glass and tire insurance
  • Roof and chassis insurance
  • The best fuel policy
  • Automatic or manual
Rent a car in Japan - What's important to know?
1. Can I rent a car without deposit?
A deposit in the form of a credit card block is required to rent a car in Japan.

2. Is it possible to rent a car without a credit card?
Wherever you rent, a credit card is required to block the deposit for your car rental. HAPPYCAR does not guarantee that other forms of deposits will be accepted by the rental company.

3. How can I take out insurance?
During your search, choose an Excellent Offer, where you fully cover your excess. Any damage costs will be reimbursed to you by the provider in accordance with their terms and conditions.

What to do in Japan?
From sunny Okinawa to snowy Hokkaido, Japan has a varied climate. Every destination has its charm, but there are 3 major cities with their own distinct identities. They are popular tourist destinations and are easily accessible by car, which makes them perfect for a rental car in Japan:
  • Tokyo: The capital city and most well-known city, Tokyo has everything. It is a huge sprawling metropolis full of art, culture, food, history, and entertainment. Renting a car in Japan is a great way to explore Tokyo, as it is so big. The Greater Tokyo Area is huge and dwarfs most capital cities worldwide. This makes car hire in Japan a necessity just for Tokyo alone.
  • Osaka: Osaka is the top destination for foodies. Even within Japan, Osakans are known for their love of food. From takoyaki to sushi, and bento to donburi, Osaka has it all. The good news is, Osaka is also known for its bargains! Everything in Osaka is cheap and that includes cheap car hire in Japan. Osaka is a great destination for both foodies and budget travelers.
  • Kyoto: Kyoto is the historical capital of Japan and remains a center of history and culture. There are lots of famous shrines and castles in Kyoto. It's not uncommon to see women walking around in traditional kimonos. Some Kyoto destinations are very hilly, so finding a low-cost car hire in Japan is highly recommended for trips to Kyoto.
Thanks to its convenient location, Japan attracts many tourists. Plan your stay in the city ahead and find out in advance what the car rental company offers. With HAPPYCAR it's very simple - choose dates, compare offers and book the right car. 
What HAPPYCAR offers:
  • Comparison of all major providers and local suppliers
  • Reviews of car rental companies  
  • Possibility to book add-ons
  • Reliable customer service in your own language
  • Cancellation up to 48 hours before pick-up time
The HAPPYCAR team wishes you a pleasant journey and will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. For more information about car rental, you can always visit our FAQs.
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