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Thanks for the good advice on what type of car to get! one i went for was ideal
Rating of Rick P.- 07/22/2015 17:34 PM
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There were lots of options that fit in my budget. It was great to have to search on lots of different sites.
Rating of Tom H.- 07/22/2015 10:20 AM
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The car we originally wanted was not available for our holiday however the Happycar team provided us we a great alternative!
Rating of Isaac M- 07/22/2015 04:10 AM
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Rental Car Cheyene Regional Airport

Cheyenne, the capital of Wyoming, embodies the spirit of the old west. The city is considered as the nation’s rodeo as well as railroad capital. It’s home to an array of historic mansions and hotels, museums, an assortment of steam engines, resorts, ranches, and a huge collection of western-themed shopping centers and attractions. However, there’s more to this historic destination than just the spurs and boots. With an eclectic collection of dining and shopping options, a thriving art community, a wide range of soft adventure opportunities in the neighborhood, Cheyenne offers tourists an experience that’s definitely unique. You should plan for a weekend getaway to Cheyenne where you will enjoy a romantic walk through the city’s botanical garden and dine in some world-class restaurants. There is no better way to do this than with a rental car Cheyene Regional Airport. With the many car hire services out there, it’s honestly sensible to do a price comparison to get the most affordable price. HAPPYCAR is proud to bring you a price comparison portal where you can check what other companies are offering without having to visit their own websites. We partner with other companies like Argus Car Hire, Holiday Autos, Sunny Cars, and more. This is in a bid to bring you the best of rental car Cheyene Regional Airport services.

Discover Cheyenne using Car Rental Cheyene Regional Airport

Cheyenne is located on the southeast corner of the Laramie County. Its name is often associated with the Native Americans who lived in the area whose name was given by the Sioux. Cheyenne was originally pronounced as “Shay-an-nah” to mean “People of a different tongue.” Fort Laramie, Laramie City, and the county of Laramie were all named after Jacques La Ramie, an early French fur trapper. Today, the city sits near the geographical as well as time center of North America. It’s strategically located as a major transportation hub and a developing commerce center. Only about 90 minutes north of Denver, the city sits as the northern anchor of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.

Explore Cheyenne using Car Hire Cheyene Regional Airport

Cheyenne is a wonderful destination for anyone interested in the Old West History and cowboys. You can explore the western History at the Frontier Day’s Old Museum, the Depot Museum, or by a walk tour through Cheyenne’s historic district. In july, the city hosts the Cheyenne Frontier Days Festival featuring parades and rodeos.

Wyoming State Museum

The Wyoming State Museum, preserves, collects and showcases artifacts associated with natural and human history. The museum’s permanent exhibits present the natural endowment of Wyoming, and investigates the impact of humans on the state’s wildlife: anything from the history of Wyoming mining industry, objects collected from every era of the state’s history to a hands-on room where kids can dress up costumes and lay hands of historical pieces.

Cheyenne botanical gardens

The botanical garden is home to a huge collection of plants, landscapes, and is a place of high regard on volunteerism, considering that the garden’s maintenance is majorly done by volunteers. The garden grows hundreds of rose varieties, and features a herb garden with medicinal and culinary herbs and a cactus garden.

Take a road trip through Cheyenne using car hire Cheyene Regional Airport

Cheyenne historic downtown reflects a colorful past with its lavish homes, grand hotels, and stately homes. Taking a road trip or a walk tour is the best way to take in these buildings, along with characters and stories behind them. You can as well attend a parade at the frontier days.

Cheyenne should be on top of the list of places for your next vacation. From historic museums showcasing the early days of the state to the art loving community, there’s definitely something for everything in the city. You will find from HAPPYCAR supreme car models that will be comfortable for you and your family.