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Rental Car Chile

Travel to the wonderful continent of South America and explore the stunning country of Chile with a hire car Chile through HAPPYCAR. Being described as the most diverse country in the south-west offering breath-taking scenery, diverse wildlife and a very unique culture, there is truly something for everyone here in Chile. Having a hire car Chile lets you explore everything this country has to offer, get lost in its cities, travel to the Chilean deserts and take all the beautiful natural scenery. Have your ideal car booked in a few clicks, HAPPYCAR guarantees to find you the best deals at the best prices for your specific vacation needs.

General Information

Chile is long narrow strip of a country, home to the Andes Mountains, neighbors Argentina and Bolivia to its east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and Peru to the north. Despite being a Spanish colony in the 16th century, replacing Incan rule, the country gained its independence in the 18th century. In 1973, the country experienced a coup‘d’état which installed a left wing military dictatorship which ended in 1990. Nowadays, Chile is one of the most prosperous states in the area and has become a popular tourist destination.


Santiago: The capital, and the political, cultural and economic hub of the country, The city is a very modern metropolitan area offering many sights and things to do. Located to the north of the city is the Cerro San Cristobel, a hill that offers a stunning view of the city and if you are lucky enough, the Andes. You can either hike or use one of the cable cars to reach the peak, as well as the view there is a church and 72 foot statue of the Virgin Mary. Take a walk through the interesting Plaza De Armas, the main square of the city, where you will find great restaurants serving typical Peruvian food. Using a hire car Chile lets you explore this wonderful city which is also a great base to use when wanting to get out of the urban rush and explore the rest country.

Valparasio: Located on the coast of the country, famous for its colored housing, seaside views and its bohemian culture, the city was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Park your hire car Chile and take a stroll for the little streets of the city, it guarantees you will see something interesting. The city is famous for its hill railway Ascensores, where you can take a ride up an check out the amazing views.

Natural parks

Torres Del Paine National Park: Located in the southern Andes, the park is home to glaciers, lakes and mountains. The entire area is stunning and the focal point is the impressive three towers of Paine, the highest measuring 2,500 metres high at its peak.

Lauca National Park: Found in the far north of the country, it has a stunning lake Lago Chungara, one of the highest lakes in the world, which towers over by the inactive volcano Volcan Parinacota. Pucan is the small town located right next to the park.

Los Pinguinos natural monument: The largest penguin colony in southern Chile with up to 120,000 penguins come here during the mating season of September-October. The park is located on the tiny Magdalena island.

Whatever you decide to with your trip to this incredible country, hire car Chile gives you the freedom, whether it be a short city break or an extended trip taking in cities and scenery to take advantage of all this beautiful city has to offer. Within a few clicks you can have your ideal car selected and waiting for your next vacation to the stunning Chile.