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Had to book at the very last minute, Late in the evening for a trip in the morning, Thankfully everything worked out!
Rating of Gary C.- 07/19/2015 08:19 AM
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Rental Car Cleveland Airport


Rentalcar Cleveland Airport Introduction:

Cleveland Airport is officially known as Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. It is a public airport located a few miles southwest of the central business district of Cleveland in Ohio. Closer to the airport are a variety of top-rated restaurants, hotels and food courts with an array of cuisines and great shopping. Attraction around the airport and in the city, include Cleveland Museum of Art, Wes Side Market, Cleveland Metroparks and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The city makes for a perfect family getaway. With so much to explore in Cleveland and to enable you to get to the airport with little fuss, use a rental car Cleveland Airport. You can get one from HAPPYCAR as they are a collection of car hires from various Hire car Cleveland Airport companies. Pick your desired car from Avis, Europcar or CarDelMar at very affordable prices. What’s more, you get unlimited mileage. That means, you can have a tour of Cleveland Airport without having to worry about making stops to refuel. Whether you are visiting the city with your family or alone, HAPPYCAR will find a suitable Car Rental Cleveland Airport for you. 

Rental Car Cleveland Airport:

A bit of history about Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, it was opened in July 1925. It was the first municipality owned airport in the US. Since then, the airport has seen major growth in terms of size and number of runways. Initially, it was just 400 acres and now it sits on a landing field of close to 2,000 acres. Cleveland airport borrows its names from William R. Hopkins, who was the city manager the driving force in the airports construction and growth. The airport was also the first to have a lighting system and an air traffic control tower in place back in 1930. In addition, Hopkins airport also introduced the first radio communication, passenger information boards, railway-air passenger services, air taxis and onsite paramedic unit. Around the airport you will find plenty of shopping amenities and dining places, with over 30 different eateries and 20 stores that are mainly located in the PlazaShops area. Also, there are popular restaurants and cafes including local outlets of BanJoe's Cafe, Great Lakes Brewing Company and Cleveland Brews together with a small food court with fastfood outlets. For those looking for last-minute gifts, hire car Cleveland Airport and head to the Cleveland Emporium and the Museum Store.

Discover Cleveland Airport with your AutoEscape Rental Car:

Cleveland Airport has more than just beautiful museums and parks to offer. The airport is home to an Airport Wireless Business Center, and range of Neptune Internet kiosks, US Bank cashpoints and a peaceful chapel area. Other attractions include, the Cedar Point. It has a dragster which is one of 17 roller coasters to jiggle your cheek. Cedar Point is popular for its waterslide-filled waterpark, mini golf, five resort properties, floorless trains, a Caribbean-themed indoor waterpark and an activity park with go-karts. Another place not to miss is the 230,000-gallon sea tube Cleveland Aquarium. It is built in such a way that incorporates historic features. The Aquarium has saltwater animals and glow-in-the-dark jellyfish. It also harbors over 5,000 creatures, including everything from Great Lake perch, exotic lionfish, crustaceans, moray eels, sea anemones, sharks, stingrays, and sea horses. With your Car Hire Cleveland Airport, catch a Cleveland Cavalier game at the Quicken Loans Arena. The Cavalier are the 2016 NBA champions after miraculously coming from a 3-1 deficit to defeat the Golden State warriors. It was a golden moment for the team as well as the whole city of Cleveland who have been craving a championship for years. The thrill and excitement around the court will give you a memorable experience. Other than that, you can also get your Car rental Cleveland Airport and head to Cleveland Botanical garden to relax and enjoy nature Get a Car Hire Cleveland Airport from Holidays tours and discover the wide arrays of clubs and bars in around the airport.