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Everything went smoothly, Booking, Pick up and drop off.
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Overall, a really positive experience
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Rental Car Colorado

Rental Car Colorado

Colorado contains a majority of the southern Rocky Mountains, and is named after the Colorado River that flows through it. This State boasts of a myriad of natural settings from deep canyons, alpine meadows, mesas and plateaus to dunes and deserts. Tourists who come here in their numbers every year love to hike through Colorado canyons up to the lush mountainsides during summer and get a piece of all the festivals and offerings of Colorado Capital, Denver. Colorado offers over 55 attractions areas, endless outdoor adventures, stunning scenery, and a vibrant culture full of entertainment, arts and rich history. The Colorado Springs offer tourists adventures ranging from mild to wild. Whether you’re into outdoor thrills, or cultural and educational activities, the list of what you can do in Colorado is just endless. If you’re traveling with your family or just for business, you’ll need car hire Colorado services. But just how will you get the best car hire deal? At HAPPYCAR, we check prices from both local and international car rental companies so you don’t need to check each of their website to get the best deals. our major partners include Hertz, Avis, and Holiday Autos.

Discover Colorado with rental car Colorado

Colorado is the eighth largest US state in terms of area, and was the 38th state to join the union in 1876. Situated on the Rocky Mountains region in the western US, Colorado’s abundant and varied resources was what attracted the Pueblo people to settle in the region, and later, the Plain Indians. The area was first explored by the Europeans in the 1500s, however the discovery of gold in 1858 attracted new settlers. Even in the modern day, Colorado still relies on its natural resources, tourism, and agriculture to sustain its economy.

Explore Colorado with car hire Colorado

Colorado boasts of the most beautiful mountain ranges and wildernesses. The state is packed full with the Wild West stories and renowned globally for its outdoor and wildlife activities. Colorado is also home to some popular cities such as Denver, which offer several museums and art for visitors who prefer cities as favorite destinations. Whether you love mountain climbing or you're an art lover, Colorado has something for everyone.

The Cliff Palace and the Balcony House

These are ancient cliff dwellings inhabited by the ancestral Pueblo Indians between the 12th and the 13th centuries. Both are located in the Mesa Verde National Park and are considered as World Heritage Sites as well as National Monuments. The Balcony house has over 45 rooms and two Kivas. However, you can access the Balcony house only on a ranger guided tour. At least two participants are required to climb a 32-foot ladder then crawl down through a 12-foot tunnel to access the Balcony House.

The Strawberry Parks Hot Springs

This is a paradise you can’t miss out on. The Strawberry Parks Hot Springs is preserved to allow tourists a have a chance to relax in a wild setting, but it’s also accessible to all. Next time you need to recharge, make sure you come along with your swimsuit. This is where you will enjoy the best Jacuzzis mother nature has to offer. You will find in the park picnic areas and changing rooms, but you’re also free to stay overnight in case you want to extend your trip.

Take a road trip through Colorado car rental Colorado

You should begin your road trip at the Colorado Trail. The trail spans well over 500 miles. Once you get here, grab the hiking boots and start exploring. Walking is the best way to get to know a place. From here, drive off to the Lakewood and Fort Collins cities and enjoy what mother nature has in these cities.

Renting a car from HAPPYCAR is perhaps the best way to explore the State of Colorado. Whether traveling alone or with your family, don’t worry as we have the best car brands to suit all your needs. You can be sure nothing will go wrong before, during, and after your trip.