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Rental Car Columbia (MO)

Columbia is a charming city, which lies between Kansas City and St. Louis. It is home to the University of Missouri, hence a youthful, relaxed atmosphere that will set the background for an exceptional vacation. Cultural activities are plenty in the town, with, local live theaters, professional ballet firms, a symphony, an orchestra, and a number of well-organized museums are ready to satisfy any tourist’s cravings. However you will not get to enjoy all of these by relying on shuttles and taxis, so take control of your trip with a rental car Columbia.

If you are looking for a discounted car rental once you have landed at Columbia Regional Airport, HAPPYCAR knows how to make any traveler happy. Our collection of cars includes economy cars, mini-vans and trucks to fit large groups and the entire family. Get a compact vehicle that makes parking a breeze, or get behind the wheel of an SUV or truck that has plenty of space for all your shopping bags. We have also collaborated with top brands in car rental to create an extensive car rental location map. Some of the companies include Holiday Autos, Sunny Cars, Drive FTI, and CarDelMar among others.

Exploring the city with car rental Columbia

The city of Columbia is filled with the attraction sites which are extensively popular and respected. They include the Bluestem Missouri Crafts, the Shelter Gardens and various museums like the Museum of Art and Archaeology, Missouri Children's Museum, the list is endless. With Car Hire Columbia you can comfortably drive to all these attraction sites.

Shelter Garden is a wonderful and an award-winning garden featuring over 200 species of shrubs and trees. It also has other many gardens in it which have various species of flowers. Shade Garden, Rose Garden, Conifer Garden, Rock Garden are some of the gardens that rejuvenate the environment inside the Shelter garden. Rose Garden is popular for its rose flowers, and it offers almost 60 different kinds of hybrid trees, herbs, shrubs and climbers. The pleasant aroma of the garden will make you fill relaxed and refreshed. For meditation and reflection, Shade Garden is the perfect place. It also gives you a chance to watch the Virginia bluebells, and many other birds’ species.

The most interesting celebration of the town is called the Twilight Festival which is popular for its entertaining local musicians that play all through the town. During the celebration, the town overflows with artists, music shows and live performances. The Twilight festival is an excellent opportunity for local artists and offers others a platform to set up their displays along the streets and display their art.

Located at the core of the University of Missouri, you can find the David R. Francis Quadrangle. It is a significant cultural foundation of the university. Recorded on the National Register of Historic Places, the David R. Francis Quadrangle is a mutual gathering place for students and community members alike. Encircled by red-brick buildings and the carefully constructed Jesse Hall, the Quadrangle offers a scholarly charm, and a rich history behind its construction.

Road Trip with Rental Car Columbia

Car hire Columbia allows you to stretch out across the state of Missouri with a lot of ease. You can drive 30 miles south of Columbia to Jefferson City, the capital of Missouri. The city is rich in history and keeps on growing. Situated along the Missouri River, and a stopover along the Pacific Railway line, Jefferson City been a center for transport and development. Here you can check out the coffee shops, sample some local cuisine, and explore Missouri history by walking through the Missouri State Capitol and Missouri State Museum. The State capitol surroundings are beautiful to discover and contain many fountains, memorials and statues.

You could also drive to Branson, Missouri which is almost three hours away. Branson has a lot to offer, but the most exciting attraction is the Titanic Museum. The museum is constructed in the form of a boat with iceberg attached, which is particularly spooky but also amazingly cool. Take photos on the grand stairway, try balancing on a sinking ship and pay tribute to one of the most tragic events in the world’s history.