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We used Happycar to rent a car for our holiday, the car was fine and the service was good aswell
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Rental Car Dallas Airport

Car Rental at Dallas Airport

One of the biggest and most exciting cities in Texas, Dallas offers both history and modernity. Museums, parks, and the infamous site of the Kennedy assassination draw visitors to this city. Rent a car at Dallas Airport and you'll be able to spend your vacation flitting between Dallas and neighboring Fort Worth, where the history of the Old West can still be seen. With rental cars at Dallas Airport, it's easier than ever to see how the old and new side of Texas blend together.

What are the most interesting historical sites in Dallas?

Sadly, Dallas will always be known as the location where President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed by Lee Harvey Oswald. The infamous Book Depository, where the shots were fired at Kennedy's car, is now the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. This thorough museum explores more than just the assassination of JFK: It also looks at his life and legacy and outlines the tumultuous history of 1960s America.

Go further back in time by driving your rental car from Dallas Airport to the Fort Worth Stockyards. This is a National Historic District that is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Old West. Brick sidewalks and wooden corrals create a great sense of atmosphere, and every day you'll be able to see an authentic cattle drive at 11:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.



Planning to visit things in both Dallas and Fort Worth? If you're not sure where to stay, there's no need to worry at all. There are just 32 miles between the two city centers, so it's an easy half-hour ride in your car hire at Dallas Airport. Many locals commute from one city to the other every day. You won't miss out on anything if you choose a hotel in either of the two cities.


Dallas for kids

Take your family to Six Flags Over Texas to see where this mighty nationwide chain of amusement parks began. In fact, the name of the park is a reference to Texan culture: The six flags are the six different nations that have claimed Texas at some point in its history. Regardless of the history, kids, teens, and adults will all have a great time here. Thrilling roller coasters, wild rides, and gentle attractions for the little ones can all be enjoyed. The park is in Arlington, a short journey when you use Dallas Airport car rentals.

Where can I go at night in Dallas?

Visit the Reunion Tower at sunset for great views over the city. This local landmark has an observation deck with 360-degree views, offering you a complete panoramic experience. There are two restaurants inside, too, so you can enjoy dinner as you watch the sun go down.

Check the calendar before you book your cheap car rental at Dallas Airport. The Dallas Museum of Art offers Late Nights at the DMA every third Friday. During these events, there are live performances, guest speakers, and special shows until midnight. You'll also find late-night events at the Perot Museum. These are adults-only events, with hands-on science experiments accompanied by some delicious refreshments.

Getting around Dallas

You won't see many people attempting a vacation in Texas on foot, and public mass transit here is limited. For that reason, it's best to take advantage of Dallas Airport car rentals. As always, cheap car rentals in the United States will make your vacation easier, and give you complete freedom. Use HAPPYCAR to look at different offers for car rental at Dallas Airport and compare prices.

Can I take a road trip from Dallas?

Look carefully at the distances in Texas before you set out on a road trip in your cheap rental car from Dallas Airport. Austin is just under 200 miles away and will take you close to three hours. Houston is 240 miles to the southeast, a drive of almost three and a half hours. If you have the time, you might consider an epic journey across the south, all the way to Nashville, some 660 miles away. However, most travelers prefer to fly these days and pick up cheap car rentals from the Nashville Airport BNA.

When should I book my car?

At HAPPYCAR, we want to help you find the best car rental at Dallas Airport. Traveling on a budget? Make sure you book in advance. That way, you'll have more options to consider, and you can be confident you'll find the cheapest car rental at Dallas Airport.

You can use HAPPYCAR whenever you travel, comparing prices and finding the deal that's right for you. From cheap car rentals at Seattle Airport SEA to cheap car rentals in Philadelphia or cheap car rentals in Indianapolis, HAPPYCAR will help you find what you're looking for.