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Rental Car Dauphine

Dauphine is a former French province which is renowned for its rich history and numerous tourist attractions. The expansive South Eastern region once served as an administrative point to the Kingdom of France in the 10th century where it was governed and ruled by a Count until the conquest of the Roman empire in the 11th century. It was a region embroiled in the many wars for supremacy that dotted Europe in those times, particularly in Julius Ceasar's conquest that rendered it a Roman colony at one point in time. Such tussles for power left an impression on the region where, today, there are artifacts of war and defense structures such as the Fort de la Bastille (fort) used by the earlier armies in the 14th century. To effectively cover the geographical location while touring such attractions, you need a car rental in Dauphine.

Advantages of HAPPYCAR

When it comes to car hire services, HAPPYCAR, which is internet-based, is reputed as one that is dedicated and committed to ensuring that the clientele travel in comfort while in both local and foreign destinations. It is an affordable service with competitive prices where you get to pick between a collection of car rental services which have partnered with it such as AutoEurope, Holiday Autos, Argus Car Hire, and RentalCars but to mention a few. While visiting any destination, it is advisable to visit our site 24-hours prior and search, for instance, 'car hire Dauphine' and it will showcase all the available car rentals plus their prices, usually starting from the lowest. In case you have second thoughts, you can always cancel within 24 hours, without any risk.

General Info on Dauphine

Dauphine improved its economy during the World War I when it was used as a production hub for items necessitated by the war thanks to hydro-electric stations which were set up by the river Rhone. It is these stations that supplied electricity to the numerous industries setup since the 19th century when the railway network (1854-1858) had already improved trade and transportation of raw materials for processing. Dauphine has more than 4 museums, including an art museum, an archeological museum which recreates and reveals the designs of a 12th century whose ruins you can visit, and even one that showcases military weapons (Musée Dauphinois). These museums and more are spaced throughout the region and it is one of the reasons you need the services of a car hire in Dauphine.

Rental Car Dauphine - Tour In Comfort

Using a rental car in Dauphine would enable you to crisscross the region while visiting the Parc Naturel Régional du Vercors which is a nature trail park. It covers approximately 2062 square kilometers and it is ideal for hiking and camping. The Cité Vauban is another historical town/site which was constructed in about 1345. The road looks like a winding maze in the hilly region considering that the structure was actually a small town on a hilltop. The Vauban Fortifications in the region of Briançon, Dauphine are military structures and fortifications which were constructed after this section of Dauphine was consistently targeted in attacks orchestrated by the Duchy of Savoy in 1692 (17th Century). Located atop a mountain, it is one place you would want to drive as you explore the scenery, as you stop to randomly take pictures for your travel book. Another place always buzzing with activity is the Parc National des Écrins, a national park which is situated on the Alps, it covers a vast 918 square kilometers with trails stretching 679km across the park.

Roadtrip Dauphine - Explore the City In Style

When you book a car rental in Dauphine with us, you are guaranteed of competitive prices which are affordable. Additionally, the rental comes complete with a designated driver who picks you up at your arrival point, be it an airport or even a train station. The driver is conversant with the region, its culture, language, and even traffic rules and thereby doubles as a tour guide. Safety is our priority and we can assure you that the driver is compliant and licensed. So, hurry and book a car with us today. Don´t mss the great chance to visit Lyon with your rental car.