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from $27 per day
rental period of 2 days

This offer was found on 01/09/2019 03:59 AM.

This offer was found on 01/09/2019 03:59 AM.



from $31 per day
rental period of 3 days

This offer was found on 01/11/2019 09:07 AM.

This offer was found on 01/11/2019 09:07 AM.



from $33 per day
rental period of 1 days

This offer was found on 01/18/2019 04:21 AM.

This offer was found on 01/18/2019 04:21 AM.



from $39 per day
rental period of 1 days

This offer was found on 01/18/2019 04:21 AM.

This offer was found on 01/18/2019 04:21 AM.

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During our trip a problem occured with the air con in the car, our providers Offices were closed thankfully we were able to call the team at Happycar,they told us what we would have to do and were able to get the problem sorted!
Rating of Evie G.- 07/20/2015 07:46 AM
(4.3 from 5)
The booking was easy and I was able to ask all my question to the friendly staff
Rating of Skip W.- 07/20/2015 06:00 AM
(4.6 from 5)
Much better prices than I could have found booking directly
Rating of Nat H.- 07/20/2015 20:23 PM
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Rental Car Guam Airport

Guam, Micronesia

Guam is a territory of the United States situated in Micronesia, Western Pacific Ocean. The American island territory is a popular tourist destination among travelers both from the United States and around the world. Despite being small, Guam is full of excursions for the entire family. Ranging from museums, art galleries, and beach life, Guam offers all you need for a unique vocational experience.

Why you next vacation ought to be in Guam, Micronesia

Guam offers a variety of thing to do and see for your vacation. from the hot spots, natural wonders up to the relaxing beaches, you’ll have a wide range of activities to choose from. The allure of the island is unique and arresting. Read through to spot a few scenic views worth a visit.

Picnic on Alupang Island- You might want to visit the island; just a mile off the coast of Dungca’s beach. Here, you’ll enjoy classic cuisines from Hotel Santa Fe or even Onward Beach Resort. Taking adventurous jet skis will also make your vacation worthwhile. You’ll also love the fascinating sight of the beach caves!

Experience the true Island culture at the Guam Island Fiesta Tour- Taking a visit to the local families Fiesta celebrations can be overwhelming! Here, you’ll be greeted with shell leis and participate in cultural activities such as coconut husking, Talaya throwing or even tuba drinking! Later, you can opt to enjoy a traditional cuisine and join in for nightlife!

Chamorro Village- When using rental car Guam Airport, you’ll want to drive down to the Chamorro village. Here, you’ll experience strange and breathtaking activities like petting a coconut crab! Sounds scary! Right? However, you’ll catch up after realizing that a coconut crab does not actually bite! The village is marvelous for photos!

Boonie Stomping- if hiking is your thing, Guam ought to be your next stop. There’s plenty to explore in Guam. Ranging from hidden waterfalls, swimming holes all the way to the arid hills and thick jungles, the spectacular allure of Guam will drop your jaws! 

Learn the Ancient history at Lina’na’ Chamorro Cultural Park- This cultural park recreates Chamorro’s history dating back around 500 years. You’ll love the cultural artifacts alongside a brief film about Chamorro’s creation belief. Taking a nature walk filled with tropical flowers, medicinal plants, and fruit trees is fascinating! 

Shopping in Guam- If shopping is your thing, The Micronesia Mall in Dededo is among the main attractions in Guam. With various stores, you’re assured of everything you need for a vacation. the various stores entail both local and international fashions, cuisines and wearables! Should you be interested in local stuff only, you might want to check in Chamorro Village Outdoor Mall in Agana. Other scenic spots worth a visit in Guam includes the Atlantis Submarine Expedition, Tumon beach or even Cocos Island Resort; just to mention a few.

Car rental Guam Airport

Taking a vacation to Guam can be worthwhile; the city has more than enough for a vacation. However, you’ll need to secure convenient transit services to glimpse the full allure of this magical city; consider taking on a Rental car Guam Airport. Why is car hire Guam Airport more effective compared to other public systems?

First, when you hire car Guam Airport, you’ll have the freedom to cruise and enjoy the glamorous island of Guam; of course at your own pace. Making stopovers at every scenic view on the way will not be a big deal.

Car hire Guam Airport can be cost-effective compared to other transit systems. Did you know you can actually spend less on hire car Guam Airport for a longer duration? Sounds incredible! With a car rental Guam Airport, you’ll pay fewer rates when you take a longer vacation compared to short rental periods. Hence, you’ll have enough time to fully explore the glamorous views of the island. There are various classes of cars to choose from. Ranging from the Luxury, the convertible all the way to the economy class.