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Rental Car Hector International Airport (ND)

Rental Car at Hector International Airport Fargo, North Dakota.

Hector International Airport is a public airport situated five kilometres to the NorthWest of Fargo. It is in Cass County and is the busiest Airport compared to others here in North Dakota. The National Guard Base of Fargo air is located next to the Airport. Fargo is situated along the red river valley and is North Dakota's largest city. It is a fast growing area, coupled with its city Moorhead, Minnesota. There are alot of tourist attractions here in the city as well as recreatiobal and cultural activities. If you visit the city for business, vacation or on holiday, there is alot to entertain you ranging from historic sites, parks and natures natural beauty.

After arriving here in Fargo, get yourself a Rental Car at Hector International Airport and be readg to ezplore the city with ease. HAPPYCAR offers you cheap car rentals that are well within your budget. Here, we have the car that best suits your travel needs.

There are lots of benefits that come with getting a rental car. With one, you get to save up time that would have been used moving around in search ofother means of transport. You also get to travel to your destinations comfortably, bonding well with your friends and family along the way. Get a Car Hire at Hector International Airport by booking online and set off to an amazing journey. At HAPPYCAR, we work with able partners such as Avis, AutoEurope and EuropeCar.

Fargo City

Being the county seat of Cass, it is the most popular city in the state of North Dakota. It sits along the Western bank of Red River. It lies on a flat geographical region that was left after draining of Lake Agassiz. It is a rich agricultural area thanks to sediments from the lake. It has a humid continental climate that has cold winters and humid summers. The economy of the city depended on agriculture at first but has recently grown and is now based on technology, retail trade, food processing, healthcare and higher education.

Discover Fargo City with your Car Rental at Hector International Airport.

Fargo city and its surroundings have a lot of fun-filled activities to do and some interesting sites to visit. They include;

Red River Zoo

When planning a summer vacation, this may be an amazing place  to visit. Since its opening in 1999, the 33 acres of ponds, rolling hills and landscaped plant exhibits continue to grow by the day. The zoo has over 75 species of both exotic and native animals being a great place to visit especially with kids.

Plains Art Museum.

It is a fun place to visit in downtown Fargo. The International Harcester WareHouse was restored by the museum in 1994. The museum comprises of over 3000 local and international art that includes contemporary art, Native American art and traditional folk Art. The museum has a cafe at the ground floor where you can have lunch while you rest.

Fargo Theatre

It is a historic center built in 1926 in an art deco style. The orchestra area has a capacity of 870, hosting various cultural and art events. The place us known best for foreign independent films as wells as music concerts, dance performances and theatrical plays.

Day Road Trips

After arriving in the city, get yourself a Car Hire at Hector International Airport and its time for an amazing road trip. Discover the Drekker Brewing Company  for a "grains to glass" tour. The company has modern equipment but also uses hands on traditional methods producing quality beers. Get to visit Bonanzaville which is a twelve acre piece of land filled with over forty historicaRental Car Hector International Airport Fargo, North Dakota buildings. The culture and history of the people of Red River valley is found in detail here. Thousands of artifacts are also showcased here among other events giving you more reason to visit. You can also checkout the Hjemkomst Centre that is a cultural and historical place. The Hjemkomst Viking Ship and Hopperstad Stave Church replicas are found here. Special events are also hosted all year round.