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Rental Car Ireland

Get yourself lost in the stunning Irish countryside, meet the friendly locals and explore some beautiful cities and quaint towns, the best ways to do this is with a car. You can take your car to visit some of Ireland's charming cities, like Dublin, Cork and Limerick or use your car and get lost in the countryside. No matter where you go you won’t be too far from a friendly local and free house where you can sample the local ale or whiskey and get some hearty Irish food.


Ireland is a country steeped in history and religion, which you will notice this when driving anywhere in Ireland, whether it cities, small towns or countryside, you will either see very beautiful churches or old medieval castles. Taking a drive through the town of Mullingar, you will see the epic cathedral of Christ the King Mullingar, opening in 1936. Taking a trip the medieval city of Kilkenny with your car hire Ireland is highly recommended. The city has many medieval buildings and is a popular gateway for the people of Ireland. It is home to the a Norman Castle and its gardens as well as the 800 year old St. Canices Cathedral which offers a stunning view of the city from the top of its tower. Like Dublin with Guinness, the city of Kilkenny has a refreshing local beer to offer, which one can enjoy whilst listening to some traditional Irish music at one of Ireland's oldest Inns, The Kytelers Inn.

To experience the true history of Ireland take a journey around the River Boyne, on and around the river are some historical sites such as, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Boyne Valley. You can get a sense here of the true history of Ireland as the site is the home of tombs, graves, and standing stones from eras dating as far back as the 35th century BC. The river is also the site of one of the most famous battles in Ireland, the battle of the River Boyne, between the Catholic King James and the Protestant King William with the result of the battle allowing the rise of Protestantism in Ireland. Along the river one will see many Celtic symbols and castles.

If you are more interested in visiting some of Ireland's beautiful cities instead of its country side, here are some popular cities to visit:

What was once an old Viking settlement, Dublin is now the vibrant capital city of the Republic of Ireland, the home of the Guinness storehouse, covering the history of the beer. Home to two cathedrals, Christchurch and St. Patrick's Cathedral. Also the center of sport in Ireland, where one can watch a game of Gaelic football, rugby or soccer.

Cork is the second largest city where you can take your rental vehicle here and enjoy in the wonderful Saint Fin Barres Cathedral. Take a tour of the 16th century Blackrock Castle which is also the site of Ireland's only fully interactive astronomy center. Located just outside Cork is the historical Cork Goal.

Use your Car rental Ireland to get to the city of Galway and explore the west of Ireland, the city has some great Irish free-houses to visit and has the Dunguairies Castle within its vicinity.

To experience all of the major cities, we recommended you come into Dublin, pick up your rental car at the Dublin Airport, spend enough time exploring the capital, then drive down to the medieval city of Kilkenny once you have seen everything the city offers.