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from $20 per day
rental period of 9 days

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Rental Car Le Havre

Located on the beautifully romantic Normandy Coastline, Le Havre (which is also known in English as Newport) is a wonderful maritime district of France. Highly attractive to holidaymakers all year round, Le Havre is famed for its history, beautiful beaches, amazing food and rich culture. When you visit Le Havre, it is a great idea to hire a car so that you can make the most of your stay. Booking a cheap rental car in Le Havre is so easy when you use the handy HAPPYCAR price comparison tool. On the HAPPYCAR website, it takes moments to compare car rental prices from top rental companies such as AutoCar, Avis, and EuropCar. Quotes are always accurate and are updated regularly to reflect the best prices available at the moment. When you use this tool, then, you can be certain that you will be able to get a rental car in Le Havre that represents amazing value for money. Check out the site today so that you can have your hire car ready to jump into as soon as you arrive at Le Havre.

Rental Car in Le Havre

Le Havre is part of the Normandy region of France, which is already rich in history from all periods (it is home to sights ranging from the battlefields of the first and second world wars to the exquisite Bayeux Tapestry from the medieval times). In addition, it is a place of great natural beauty. As well as being situated on the coast line, Le Havre is also located on an estuary of the river Seine (the same river that flows right through Paris). So, you can expect plenty of beautiful landscapes and some lovely wildlife including water birds and sea life, whenever you visit Le Havre. Car hire in Le Havre makes it so easy to explore this stunning region of France - and to visit locations even further afield, too.

Discover Le Havre with your Rental Car

You car rental in Le Havre will make it so easy to get to all of the key attractions in this area. For example, if you love your medieval history, you might want to pay a visit to Greville Abbey. This medieval structure is the oldest building that is still left standing in Le Havre, having survived bombing in the 20th century and the general test of time. Le Havre Cathedral is another brilliantly peaceful spot to visit - the first stone of this magnificent edifice was laid in 1536 and it was substantially rebuilt in the 20th century. A stroll through the Upper Town and the Old Town of Le Havre (which, along with the New Town form very distinctive neighborhoods with their own atmosphere and culture) will reveal even more treasures in this amazing part of Normandy. Make sure to pick up some traditional souvenirs such as Normandy Pottery and the delicious home made apple flavoured caramel for which the artisans of this region are particularly famous.

Road Trip Le Havre

When you have secured car hire in Le Havre, you can also branch out and use your vehicle to visit other cities and urbanisations in the Normandy region and beyond. Places of interest that are within easy driving distance of Le Havre include Harfleur, Caen, Honfleur, Brenay and Liseux, to name but a few. It is also easy to get to the French capital of Paris using your car rental from Le Havre. The total journey usually takes between two and two and a half hours, so you can make it there and back in one day if you like - or stay a couple of nights in Paris to get the full experience. Just take the E5 road, heading from Le Havre towards the centre of the country and you will get right to the centre of Paris very quickly. There are plenty of beautiful forests, lakes and other stopping points along the way - as well as interesting and unique towns such as Vernon (a quick turn off from the E5 when you are heading from Le Havre to Paris).