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from $23 per day
rental period of 7 days

This offer was found on 07/14/2020 12:49 PM.

This offer was found on 07/14/2020 12:49 PM.



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Rental Car Lorient

Lorient is located in Brittany, France, on the southern coast close to the rivers Scorff and Blavet, and adjacent to Quimper. Historically, this city has been a major industrial port and fishing, a function still in practice to date. Lorient boasts five ports and is home to the second-largest fishing harbor in France. With car hire Lorient, you will explore this captivating former naval base. Nearly everything you do in Lorient will have a maritime theme, whether you plunge into the high-tech world of yacht racing at the Cité de la Voile or traverse an enduring Nazi submarine base. This “commune” town has spectacular attractions like the Cité de la Voile Éric Tabarly museum named after Éric Tabarly, famous for winning a host of reputable races in the 60s and 70s aboard the Ped Duick, his cutter. Car hire Lorient will take you to this museum which is the only in Europe exclusively dedicated to sailing, providing an interactive attraction and a child-friendly celebration of the sport. The museum hosts an annual high-profile main exhibition, showcasing modern navigation and long-distance racing. Car rental Lorient is a convenient way to explore this heritage French town that was flattened by Allied bombs during the world war II to prevent supplies and freshwater from reaching the German submarines that were based in this majestic town. Lorient is currently a favorite tourism town.

Rental Car Lorient

HAPPYCAR is a platform that carefully compares the offers of all mega and small rental car companies worldwide. The integration of HAPPYCAR with global leading car rental providers allows the platform to guarantee the best value rental car experience to its clients. At HAPPYCAR, we always ensure that you get the best value for money when reserving your rental car. We ensure your choice of car satisfies all your travel needs. Car rental Lorient provides you an easy and convenient way to tour this marvelous French city. HAPPYCAR boasts a wide range of Car Hire companies to choose from like Hertz, Europcar, CarDelMar, RentalCars, and Argus Car Hire, which ensures all your travel needs during your stay in Lorient are fulfilled. Rental car Lorient boasts a wide range of car options that range from family carrier vans, SUV, convertible, standard, Luxury cars, and even economy, to promise a thrilling and special car hire experience. We verify with local suppliers to ensure we deliver the best rates available in the market. We also consider a diverse range of options and add-ons that fit your specific needs so that you get exactly what you need during your trip.

Discover Lorient City with your rental car

You will enjoy driving for a stroll around the base as you admire the numerous yachts that are moored in this location. Majority of the buildings that neighbor the port are relics of the days when the French Navy had a megabase in the town, and most places of interest are also adjacent to this location. HAPPYCAR strives to ensure you enjoy a cordial experience in the booking process. We boast a remarkable reputation when handling the legwork, we always provide prime services which includes a determined customer support team that professionally handles all your booking requirements. You can communicate with us through chat or through our website. We ensure our clients enjoy secure cheap last-minute deals as well as offer them an attractive early-bird booking service. Lorient has a lot to offer like the Blavet Valley and Scorff Valley which has a remarkable picturesque terrain. Brittany villages, beaches, and traditional ports. Key highlights to enjoy with rental car Lorient include the Gavres peninsula, the charming riverside setting for the villages of Pont Scorff, and Honnebont and the beaches of the Larmor Plage and Ploemeur regions on the coast to the west of Lorient.

Road trip to Lorient

While in Lorient, it is worthy to visit the family-run Blavet Valley, a woodland idyllic place set deep in Brittany's popular Blavet Valley. It is a paradise setting for a breathtaking carp fishing holiday in France. Distance from Lorient South Brittany Airport to Blavet valley lakes; Via N24 is 33.93 miles and takes about 43 minutes. Via N165 and N24, is 33.31 miles, about 48 minutes, alternatively, Via N165, is 38.1 miles, takes about 59 minutes.