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from $16 per day
rental period of 11 days

This offer was found on 07/30/2018 03:17 AM.

This offer was found on 07/30/2018 03:17 AM.



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Rental Car Manaus

For those who have always wanted a trip into the jungle, Manaus is exactly the right address to begin with. The Brazilian city is situated at the mouth of the Rio Negros and is almost completely surrounded by the rainforest. This makes Manaus an interesting holiday destination that attracts a multitude of tourists every year. Quite a few decide to use a rental car to explore Manaus during their stay. The easiest way to book a car is in advance. HAPPYCAR compares the best deals for a rental car in Manaus. Especially for savvy foxes this is usually the best way.


 General information about Manaus

With almost 2 million inhabitants, Manaus is one of the larger cities in the north of Brazil. It was founded in 1669 as a small fort, but it attracted many settlers. These settled in the surroundings of the fort and soon a larger village was built. A first church was built in 1695.

 In the 19th century the city had close to a monopoly, on rubber exports. The onset of rubber boom during this period quickly caused the inhabitants of the city to become rich. In 1890, Manaus was considered the most developed city in all of Brazil. There were both electric light as well as water and sewage systems. In addition, a large number of new cultural buildings were created during this time. This, among other things, led to Manaus nicknamed as Paris of the tropics. With the opening of the tram network 1899 cemented itself the reputation, as a developed well-connected city.

 The rise of Manaus was followed by the decline at the beginning of the 20th century. After the loss of the rubber monopoly, the city's economy collapsed. Buildings and public facilities were decayed, and the tram was also shut down. It was not until the 1970s that the economy recovered when Manaus was declared a free trade zone. Today, the city on the Regenwald is mainly a tourist center and is again in the upswing. From 1985 to 2010 alone, the number of inhabitants rose from 800,000 to 1.8 million.


 With the rental car through Manaus


 With the rainforest in front of the door, Manaus has the ideal conditions to offer tourists an exciting holiday. But also in the city itself there is a lot to explore. The easiest way to do this is through the use of car rental in Manaus. If you do not want to look for the right model, you can also search for a rental car easily before the trip. On the Internet, the various providers can be found and compared according to the personalized requirements of the customer. Regardless of whether a cost or certain comfort requirements are important, there is always the right filter.

 Once you have found your rental car for Manaus, the journey can start. For those interested in culture, the Teatro Amazonas, the opera of Manaus, can be visited. The building is built in Renaissance style and was already opened in 1896. A visit to one of the three museums will be similarly exciting. The Museu de Ciências Naturalis da Amazônia is the largest museum in the city and shows primarily natural and animal specimens. In the Museu do Índio this museum is dedicated to the indigenous people of the surrounding area. Some 3,000 exhibits give a detailed insight into the life of the natives.


 On into the rainforest


 Culture and history may be of interest to many tourists, but the majority of travelers prefer the rainforest to Manaus. The virgin forest of Brazil begins just outside the front door, waiting to be explored. The extensive forest means it is highly important to explore with someone whom has a great knowledge and experience of the area, there are plenty of tours available with knowledgeable tour guides. In the ideal case you can be accompanied by an experienced tour guide who is familiar with the surroundings. For the night, special jungle hotels are offered, which can be booked just like the car hire in Manaus in advance. If the time allows it make an excursion towards more to Recife or Fortaleza.