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from $11 per day
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This offer was found on 10/29/2019 03:25 AM.



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Rental Car Minneapolis

Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota, known as the land of 10,000 lakes for its profuse opportunities to get out and enjoy the stars reflected off the shimmering water that surrounds the state. On the other side of the Mississippi River is Saint Paul, the capital of Minnesota, and together the two make up what is known as the Twin Cities. The vibe emanating from this young city is decidedly cultural, from fancy art museums to rowdy rock clubs and ethnic eateries, progressive prosperity is all around, most visible in the characterful makeup of its distinct neighbourhoods. Downtown draws the eye with sporting events and a nightclub scene. Northeast is the old quarter, showcasing ethnic food, neighborhood bars and a blue-collar grit whereas Uptown is the youthful heart, with funky food, drink, and tattoos. The city echoes the grisly determination of its inhabitants, who are made to endure some of the fiercest winters in the US, but instead of a stoic, miserable mood they embody a cheerful, genial attitude to anyone and everyone, known around the nation as “Minnesota Nice”.

HAPPYCAR is here to help you find the best car hire Minneapolis has to offer so you can take full advantage of this artsy city, with a direct car hire at the Minneapolis Airport, HAPPYCAR makes it easy for you to experience this underappreciated region. We check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to compare every website to provide you with the best deals to make your money go further on a rental car that fits your specific vacation needs.

General Information

Founded by French settlers in the late 17th century and once populated by a large number of Swedes and Scandinavians, along side the large populations of Hmongs and Somalians today, Minneapolis enjoys a progressive, relaxed atmosphere with a number of ethnic minorities calling the place home.

The quiet of the city belies its glut of things to do. From kayaking down the Mississippi River and baseball to Broadway, award-winning cuisine and the nation’s first enclosed mega mall, the Mall of America located close to the airport, there is something to do all year round.

There is a large complement of award-winning international restaurants to be found in the capital, but there are also many special dishes thanks to its unique heritage. Lutefisk, for example, is a popular, unconventional dish in Minnesota, a caustic fish dish brought over by the Norwegians. Thanks to the intensely multicultural population, in Minneapolis and the surrounding areas you will be able to find almost any kind of ethnic cuisine you can imagine. Minneapolis is also very vegetarian and vegan friendly, with a large concentration of such restaurants.

To really get out and discover Minnesota, there are over 15,000 lakes covering a great chain north, the Boundary Waters connecting to Canada, to south of the state, and make for some enchanting walks. A car hire in Minneapolis can really help to see all there is to offer in this inspiring part of the country.

Using a car hire in Minneapolis

The city of Minneapolis is well laid out and it is easy to get around, with various interstates acting as the main arteries to explore further out. Minneapolis is surrounded by a great many places to get out and about, with a wide variety of urban and non-urban options to take advantage of with a Minneapolis car rental.

A few hours drive north is Duluth, an up-and-coming city with a dramatic port and swathes of woods, and for a more off-the-beaten-path adventure, the Voyageurs National Park features more water than roadway. Many of the buildings are connected by underground tunnels or sky ways in order to protect the residents from the cold winters. The chain of lakes surrounding the state in the north makes up the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway and is definitely to be seen in a car.

Alongside the great many things to experience in Minnesota, there are also some excellent places to drive to in order to continue your North American experience, such as Chicago, another low-key cultural behemoth with a grand international reputation. There is so much to see in this part of the world, and a car rental Minneapolis can help you uncover some of the many mysteries just waiting to be discovered.