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max 57°F min 50°F
max 57°F min 46°F
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max 64°F min 54°F
max 77°F min 64°F
max 90°F min 73°F
max 93°F min 77°F
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Wednesday 17-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 79°F / 86°F
Thursday 18-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 79°F / 88°F
Friday 19-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 81°F / 90°F
Saturday 20-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 79°F / 88°F
Sunday 21-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 79°F / 86°F
Monday 22-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 79°F / 86°F
Tuesday 23-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 77°F / 84°F
Wednesday 24-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 77°F / 84°F
Thursday 25-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 77°F / 88°F
Friday 26-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 79°F / 84°F
Saturday 27-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 77°F / 86°F
Sunday 28-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 77°F / 86°F
Monday 29-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 79°F / 88°F
Tuesday 30-07-2024 Sunny/Clear 79°F / 88°F

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Naples attractions and Travel Tips

Car rental Naples

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Discover with the car rental Naples

Naples is the largest city of the Mezzogiorno (southern Italy) and the third largest city in Italy. Between the Late Middle Ages and the 18th century, Naples was one of the largest cities in Europe. The city is picturesque in the Gulf of Naples on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Naples is the capital of the administrative region of Campania. The city is now home to about a million inhabitants, while in the metropolitan area of Naples a total of about four and a half million people live.

The climate on the Gulf of Naples is typical Mediterranean. The hot summer months are very pleasant thanks to the constantly occurring winds. The ideal travel time for your rental car trip is the months of May and June as well as September and October. Of course, you can also plan your individual trip with the rental car in the other months.

Explore Naples by car

The region around Naples has been one of the densely populated areas of Italy since the time of the Romans. Even today, there are many ancient Roman buildings. Vesuvius dominates the cityscape, the most famous volcano in Europe, just outside the city gates.

Drive to one of the fortresses of Naples, Castelnuovo, by car. The fortress is located directly at the harbor in front of the town hall square. Built in the 13th century, it served as a town castle before it was completely redesigned and expanded in the 15th century. In the western wing of Castelnuovo you can find the Museo Civico, dedicated to the history of Naples. Another highlight is the Castel Sant'Elmo, built in the 14th century and is located on the town hill Vomero, from here you have a breathtaking view of the entire city as well as the Gulf of Naples.

Cave labyrinth

Under the city is an 80 kilometer long labyrinth of caves, which can be visited. The caves are the result of the dismantling of the yellow tuff, with which the houses above the caves have been erected.

Neapolitan old town

The old town of Naples is a special charm. Here, splendid cathedrals alternate with narrow streets and gloomy catacombs. In 1995, the entire old town was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Accordingly, you will find many interesting and impressive monuments and sights.

In Naples there are numerous churches and monasteries. The most famous religious center of the city is the Duomo San Gennaro. The cathedral was built in the 13th century and houses in its chapel the relics as well as the blood of San Gennaro. The history says that if the blood of the upcoming ceremony on May 1 of each year does not become fluid, the city of Naples will be unlucky for a whole year.

Drive to the Piazza del Plebiscito by car. Here is the Palazzo Reale - the former Palace of the Viceroy. Today you can admire some of the corridors and halls as well as the rooms of the royal family. It is also home to the National Library of the city. A trip to Salerno is particularly worthwhile.

Excursions by car to the surrounding countryside of Naples

Probably the most sought-after excursion destination in the surroundings of Naples is the excavation site of the ancient city of Pompeii. The city was completely buried in a Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD and covered by a meter-high ash layer. Thus, the city was conserved for today's time, so that you can visit a Roman city in its original state in Pompeii. A trip by car is the easiest way to reach the site. Naples lies on a land like Rome and Gaeta. To visit these places is very recommendable as it combines the cultural advantages of the capital of Italy and the typical Italian charm of a small town on a Rese. Alternatively, take the time to visit the beautiful city of Sorrento. Whether you are looking for historic buildings, cathedrals or an underground labyrinth, discover Naples as much as you like, with your desired rental car from HAPPYCAR.