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I found a great car and booked on my lunch break. Easy and quick !
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Booked a few times with these guys, and will do again.
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A few friends of ours backed out of the trip so we had to organise a smaller vehicle. Happycar made all this possible with no stress.
Rating of Stevie W.- 07/21/2015 22:41 PM
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Rental Car New Castle (DE)

Rental Car New Castle

New Castle is an American city located in New Castle County, Delaware. The city is along the Delaware River and is located to the south of Wilmington. The city has a very small population of about five thousand people. The city features prominently in Delaware's past. This is evident in the city's architecture as the city is riddled with cobblestone streets and has a colonial aura that is an experience worth having to any tourist. New Castle brags itself of having several tourist attractions. The city is also home to the Delaware river, the Dutch House, and the Amstel House. The city also houses the Old New Castle House along with the Immanuel Episcopal Church on the Green. The city is also home to the First State National Historic Park.

A rental car New Castle is the best way to tour the historic city and experience all there is to see within it. To ensure that its customers get the best from trips when within the city, HAPPYCAR provides the best services at the most affordable rates. HAPPYCAR also provides its customers with alternatives to choose from. This is because different customers have different needs and as such the company is well equipped to ensure that it provides the best rental car New Castle services. The convenience further improved by the company's online platform which allows for customers to book cars at the click of a button.

Discover Newcastle with your Rental Car

There are a lot of places to visit and things to do in New Castle. This of course depends on what interests a tourist and what caters to his/her tastes of adventure the most. If the tourist is in a mood to see beautiful art, antiques, and treasures that New Castle has to offer, he/she can visit the New Castle Opera House. Tourists who favor track and field exercises can make their way to the Airport Speedway which is specifically designed to accommodate micro-sprint races. Another tourist attraction that exists within the town is the Amstel House, built in the 1730s by one Dr. John Finney, the colonial building has an elegant architecture that gives allows tourists to experience 18th century architecture. Apart from the Amstel house, tourists can also visit the Dutch House and get to experience how it was when New Castle was a relatively new port in the 17th century. Exercises. At the Dutch House the tourists can be treated to various special artifacts which include utensils from the colonial era, Dutch colonial artifacts, and a bible from 1714. Collected by the scholar Louise Du Pont, these artifacts allow tourist to get a glimpse of how life was in the past.

Tourists can also make a point of visiting the First State National Historic Park. This unique tourist attraction features among many a New Castle Court House which shows early colonization and European settlements. The park also features Green in Dover and together with the New Castle Court House, the two monuments show important aspects of the American past such as the Underground Railroad and the Declaration of Independence.

Transport Infrastructure

There are several airports that serve New Castle and this include the closest which is the New Castle Airport. Tourists can also opt for the Philadelphia international airport which is about 23 miles from New Castle. Another Philadelphia airport that is a reasonable alternative is the Northeast Philadelphia Airport. For customers originating or heading to Arizona, they can take advantage of the HAPPYCAR Car hire Tuscon International Airport services. The New Castle car rental services are of high quality and are a duplicate of similar services offered at various airports by HAPPYCAR.

Road trips New Castle

HAPPYCAR offers the best way to tour New Castle. The rental cars offered by HAPPYCAR provide a lot of convenience which allows for tourists to travel with luggage and book hotels in the city's outskirts significantly reducing hotel costs. HAPPYCAR rental cars allow for tourists to freely tour around the city and access even the remotest tourist sites. If one is planning to go a road trip from New Castle, there are several cities that might be of interest to the tourist. These include Philadelphia which is about 30 miles, and Baltimore which is about 60 miles. The more adventurous tourist can opt to go to Jersey City or New York both of which are approximately 110 miles from the city.