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Rental Car Omaha Airport

Car rental Omaha Airport

Omaha is a perfect tourist destination for holidays and vacations. The allure of this glamorous city is more than enough for any vacation. Nonetheless, these scenic spots are scattered all over Omaha; raising the need for transit services. Hence, you ought to consider car hire Omaha Airport. Despite a number of people fearing that the process is involving and expensive, car hire Omaha Airport is actually convenient and cost effective!

The car rental Omaha Airport agencies offer you a wide selection of cars to take on. Thereupon, you’ll have the opportunity to take on a car that fits your nature of your vacation.

With the pick-up at the airport, you’re assured of the most suitable means of transit. Nearly all hire car Omaha Airport agencies including Avis, Hertz, and Rental Cars have their pickup stations at the airport. You’ll not have to wait for taxis to take you to the hotel room. Keep in mind that rental cars come with a number of extras such as the GPS navigation system. Hence, you’ll easily identify the route to your hotel; it’s definitely the best way to start a vacation!

About Omaha

Omaha is located in the United States, Nebraska to be exact. It is situated on the Missouri River close to the lower border. For quite a while, the city has formed a major draw for tourists from all over the world for vacations and holidays. Ranging from the historic sites, the classic cuisines, luxurious accommodation and suites and museums, the arresting allure of the city is amazing-- one you’ll love visiting during your vacation.

Activities in the surrounding area

Perhaps you’re planning a vacation to Omaha and are wondering what really to do or see once there. Do not panic, Omaha has more than enough to offers for a vacation. whether you love nature, relaxing, strolling or even shopping, the facilities in Omaha are more than enough to give a once in a lifetime holiday. You may want to check out some of the scenic views worth visiting.

When using rental car Omaha Airport, you’ll want to pop into Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. The zoo is a home to all kind of unique exhibits! The view of the famous Dome Desert is overwhelming! You’ll also not miss the spectacular view of the Lied Jungle. The zoo allows a closer look at the creatures of the dark such as the bats! This is a great place to take the kids and the whole family.

Drive your rental car to the heart of downtown to visit the Old Market district. Here, you’ll experience the jaw-dropping view of the historical buildings. Restaurants and cafes laying not far from here will serve you with the best of Omaha’s traditional cuisines. You’ll hardly miss on the galleries abound. The roads here are well signposted so navigating your car hire will not be a problem.

When using car hire Omaha Airport, you’ll want to drive down to the huge Durham Museum. This breathtaking Art Deco building was once a train station. In 1995, there was an extensive renovation that restored the building’s former glory. The exhibits showcasing Art Deco Architecture is overwhelming! Interestingly, the steam locomotives are also exhibited here.

If you thought that’s fascinating, you should come across this unique outdoor art installation in the city at the First National’s Spirit of Nebraska’s Wilderness and Pioneer Courage Park. The art is purely bronze and stainless steel work. The sculptures are spread out over five city blocks. You’ll have to follow the flow from piece to piece. Taking a stroll around the sculptures and taking photos can be overwhelming.

When using hire car Omaha Airport, you might want to drive down to the Joslyn Art Museum. Sarah Joslyn gave the land as a gift to the people of Omaha to commemorate her husband, George. Surprisingly, Joslyn Art Museum is Nebraska’s largest art Museum. You’ll love the collection of works exhibited here such as works by Alfred Jacob Miller, Karl Bodmer among others. Other spots worth visiting include the Performing Art Center, Lauritzen Gardens, and Omaha Children’s Museum; just to mention a few!

Road Trip Omaha Airport

Make the most of your vacation when you take a road trip with your car! For art lovers, drive your car hire to Kansas City to experience the Kansas City Workhouse, an abandoned prison castle which has become an attraction displaying graffiti and other street art. The art adds another level to the experience.

If you really want to go on a road trip, drive no further than Minneapolis. There are so many things to do here- no matter the season! In the summer, you can kayak down the Mississippi River or watch the two baseball teams, the Twins and the Saints. Or satisfy your cultural side by visiting one of the many locations for live music and theater. When it is cold, you can drive your car hire to the Mall of America, the largest enclosed mall in the US. For families, you can experience the Science Museum of Minnesota or take the kids to the Children's Museum.

There is so much to see in this part of the country and we are here to make your dreams come true. The HAPPYCAR team wishes you a pleasant journey!