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from $40 per day
rental period of 2 days

This offer was found on 01/12/2020 05:24 AM.

This offer was found on 01/12/2020 05:24 AM.



from $40 per day
rental period of 2 days

This offer was found on 01/12/2020 05:24 AM.

This offer was found on 01/12/2020 05:24 AM.

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Hired a fast car just to release the inner child within me! Was great fun.
Rating of James H- 07/20/2015 07:13 AM
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Had no problems with the booking and paying process, and the pick up of the car was stress free
Rating of Emma J.- 07/20/2015 21:27 PM
(4 from 5)
Got rid of a lot of worry, thanks!
Rating of Rich M.- 07/20/2015 11:22 AM
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Rental Car Paramaribo

Had Paramaribo not existed so would have Suriname. In fact, it is the city that puts the country on the globe’s map. The town alone accounts for almost half of the country’s population. You could be wondering why such a small city is in the list of UNESCO world heritage site. Right, make arrangements and visit the city. Once you do so, be assured to visit it more and more. One fascinating trait in the city is the traveling experience. Imagine even some people visit the city just to use the rental cars readily available. The success of the transportation system of the city is squarely attributed to HAPPYCAR Company. Not only does the company gives you various options in car rental Paramaribo but also it advises you on which holiday autos to hire as far as their prices are concerned.

Rental Car Paramaribo, the hot trend
As of today, no city has surpassed Paramaribo regarding transportation within and even outside the city. The ease of seeking car hire Paramaribo service is ranked top globally. If you wish to have first-hand information on a comfortable yet convenient transportation in a city, let your next stop be at Paramaribo. As you plan to visit the heart of Suriname, just to observe and even be part of memorable traveling experience, make sure you allocate yourself more time as the city is so captivating and welcoming. Surely, you will wish to explore the history of the town since the first time a Dutch settlement was established in the city till the current social and economic life style of the people in the city. Also, within the city, you will look at the first French and British settlements. The English settlers were the ones that established the town and build a fort to protect it. If you wish to view this ancient fort and settlements, hire car Paramaribo, and with no time you will explore them. Since time immemorial the population of the city has been diverse. Among the English settlers were the Jews who established a synagogue that is probably the oldest in America. Since the pre-colonial to the current Suriname, Paramaribo has been its capital.

Discover Paramaribo with your rental car
Paramaribo boasts of so many aspects; however, its ideal climate is considered the milestone that has steered its growth over the years. In fact, it is believed that rental car Paramaribo thrives well due to conducive environment. Once you book a holiday auto and traverse the streets of the city, the first thing you will notice is the friendly climate. The city experiences tropical rainforest climate with all months of the year experiencing rainfall. There are no extremely wet or dry periods within the city. Also, the city boasts of consistent temperatures throughout the year. The temperatures are ideal for human survival. Paramaribo is considered as a planet next to the earth as even with the recent global climatic changes; the city remains unaffected.

Day time road trips from Paramaribo
Throughout the year, you can travel up-country as car rental Paramaribo are readily available. Also, the city’s neighborhood is ideal for business seminars and trips, and you can easily access them using the enterprise rental cars. If you are looking for fascinating, unique and continuous routes, don’t miss a road trip from Paramaribo. As seen, the city is surrounded by all sorts of sites and based on your choice, car hire Paramaribo will necessitate your journey. However, regardless of your objective, your vacation will be incomplete if you don’t take routes leading to Browns Mountain and Peperpot Nature Park. At the mountain, there is a hike towards the waterfalls. Also, while hiking there, you will view the wildlife. The bar on the top of the mountain will suit you if you don’t like hiking. Hire car Paramaribo to take you to the park. Here you will stroll through the beautiful yet natural vegetation.