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from $21 per day
rental period of 14 days

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Rental Car Poitiers

Poitiers city is located in West-central France on river Clain and is Vienne department’s and Poitou’s capital. Poitiers town Centre is scenic and its streets are primarily inclusive of historical architecture and particularly the religious architecture. There are a lot of cute half-timbered homes on squares such as Place Charles de Gaulle. Here you will get a lot of pleasure while hunting down the renaissance and gothic palace’s where the gentry of the city used to live. All this has made Poitiers a major tourist destination attracting tourists from all over the world. To make your movement around easier and your trip exciting, get a rental car in Poitiers and watch your trip take shape. Whether you are looking for an economy car rental in Poitiers, small or medium, or a larger car to fit your family, HAPPYCAR has a wide variety of modern and comfortable inexpensive rental cars to select from. Look through our various vehicles online today and hire one. Some of the mazing partners we work with are Avis, AutoEurope, RentalCars, Thrifty, Argus car Hire, Enterprise among others.

Poitiers city

Poitiers city is bursting with many things to do and see while taking a vacation there. Ranging from monuments, historical sites to the beautiful landscape, there is more than enough to see. Once you have that car rental in Poitiers, start exploring this charismatic city at your own speed. Perhaps you’ll want to check out the following;

Musée Sainte-Croix

This is the biggest museum in Poitiers. Your tour through the galleries you will witness medieval history, ancient archeology and fine arts anthropology will be definitely breathtaking. Don’t step out without getting to see Eugène Boudin’s, Camille Claudel’s and Rodin’s artworks, Gallo-Romain’s hoard, Minerva’s Roman sculpture and coins from Chevonceaux.

Baptistère Saint-Jean

Built in the fourth century, this stands as the most ancient church in France. The church has a big octagonal shaped pool which was used for baptism. There’s also a small archeological museum where Merovingian sarcophagus covers are displayed.

Jardin des Plantes

When you get a car hire in Poitiers, get to visit this park. It is a botanical garden with a hundred and fifty exotic plant species in greenhouses. There is also a waterfall, a pond and meandering paths through the woodlands having unusual trees including American bald cypress, and Atlas cedar.

Place du Maréchal-Leclerc

This square is enclosed by art deco buildings and Belle Époque. It dates back to the 18th century and currently houses occasional open weekends when you can look around the grand stairs and salons.

Hôtel Jean Beaucé

This extraordinary renaissance mansion stands at the end of Rue Le-Bascle street and was erected in the 15th century by a banker. The mansion has scrolls, pilasters, medallions, busts of Roman emperors and gabled dormer windows.

Other places you can visit include; Église Sainte-Radegonde, Poitiers Cathedral, Grande Salle – Palais de Poitiers, Parc de Blossac and Église Saint-Hilaire Le Grand

Discover Poitiers with your rental car

Poitiers city has a mild climate with adequate rainfall throughout the year and mild temperatures amplitudes. When driving around in your rental car in Poitiers, spare some time to taste different cuisines of the region that the restaurants have to offer. Have a taste of Farci Poitevin a local delicacy eaten when cold and often served as a starter and Chabichou de Poitou goats’ cheese which are served as an appetizer but often served after meals. Also, delight in Montmorillon macarons in the windows of patisseries. Take also the chance to do daytrips to Paris and Bordeaux. It is easy and comfortable with your rental car.

Road trips in Poitiers

When you get a car hire in Poitiers, it’s time to set out for an enjoyable trip. You can drive down to;

Futuroscope theme park: This is the third most famous theme park in France where many visitors have been coming for more than thirty years. The ride and presentations in IMAX 3D and 4D are breathtaking.

Parc de Blossac: This sumptuous park bordered by some ancient city walls. From here you can walk down to river Clain’s right bank through Chemin de la Cagouillere footpath.

Hôtel Fumé: Rue de la Chaîne street has a lot of medieval homes with timber frames of criss-crossed patterns and iron glaslights hanging in the middle of the street.