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Rental Car Salt Lake City (UT)

Salt Lake City, USA

Salt Lake City popularly referred to as Salt Lake is the state capital of Utah. Situated at a high elevation, the city has a lot to offer to tourists willing to explore it. The city is among the few major areas within the Great Basin and gets its name from its close proximity to the Great Salt Lake. From the city one can enjoy the view of the snow-capped Wasatch Range. The city also has the neo-Gothic Assembly hall and the Temple Square which serves as the headquarters for the Mormon Church. Within the church one can observe the Mormon Tabernacle Choir from the Square’s domed Tabernacle. A trip in Salt Lake City is not complete without visiting the city’s most prominent landmark, the State Capitol which acts as the headquarters to the state government.

A rental car in Salt Lake City is the best way to move around the beautiful city and observe all of its prominent features and scenery. To ensure that tourists move conveniently within the city HAPPYCAR has come in to provide the best rental car Salt Lake City to its customers. HAPPYCAR offers the best services at affordable rates. HAPPYCAR believes that customers should have a variety of packages to choose from as car rental services do not abide by the “one size fits all” philosophy. As such the car hire Salt Lake City services provided by HAPPYCAR provide not only affordability but convenience as well as tourists can book their car rental Salt Lake City at the click of a button via the company’s website.

Discover Salt Lake City with your Rental Car

Using the Car hire Salt Lake City services, tourists can visit all the wonders hidden within the city. Tourists can begin their tour by visiting the Temple Square, the 10-acre complex is a famous tourist site and contains several tourist sites. At the Family History Library and go through the genealogical records that have been preserved by the Mormon church. The Church History Museum contains a lot of art and artifacts owned by the Latter-day Saint church. At the Church History Library, tourists can be treated to the historical records of the LDS church, the library also contains collections of manuscripts and books. Tourists visiting the Temple Square should also make a point of seeing the muraled rotunda of the neoclassical.

To get what Salt Lake City has to offer with regards to the outdoors, tourists can visit the Red Butte Garden, Arboretum and Amphitheatre. Here tourists can experience 100 acres of botanical gardens. At the Hogle Zoo tourists get to see different animals collected from diverse ecosystems. At the Natural History Museum of Utah tourists are treated to a variety of exhibits which depict earth sciences and natural history. At the “This is The Place Heritage Park” tourists are treated to depictions of the early Mormon settler’s lifestyle. Tourists can also visit the Utah Olympic Park which hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Transport Infrastructure

The City is served by the Salt Lake City International airport which is about four miles from the city which is a 30-minute drive. Several airlines operate in the airport and they include the Selta Air Lines, the SkyWest Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and the American Airlines.

Road trips Salt Lake City

There are no major cities near Salt Lake City as the biggest cities are over 200 miles. The closest major city is Boise in Idaho and it is 301 miles. However, there are several cities close to Salt Lake cities that tourists can travel. Cities like South Slat Lake, North Salt Lake, Millcreek, and Canyon Rim which are all within 11 miles.