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from $18 per day
rental period of 3 days

This offer was found on 11/07/2017 09:53 AM.

This offer was found on 11/07/2017 09:53 AM.

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Rental Car Sicily

Have you have booked your flight for your perfect Sicilian vacation but now you are wondering how you will get around the island to maximize the amount of things you see? Look no further than the HAPPYCAR online comparison portal. We compare the prices of vehicles with international local rental stations to find the right price for a car hire with your specific rental needs. You are able to choose the amount of insurance you would like and the size of the car. Book your next rental car through HAPPYCAR and with pick up locations as convenient as the Catania Airport, you can get your Sicilian vacation started right away!

General Information

When you come to this Italian island, you have so much to see. From beautiful beaches to mountainous landscapes to an active volcano, Sicily will leave you with lasting memories and never leave you feeling bored. In order to maximize the amount of time you have around the largest island in the Mediterranean, book your next care hire with HAPPYCAR. You can drive around the 10,000 square mile island and visit every beach. The island is surrounded by three seas, with the other two being the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea. Drive around the island to dip your toes into all three.

Some famous Sicilians include, Domenico Dolce who makes up half of the famous fashion label Dolce & Gabanna and Archimedes the famous mathematician.


For all the music lovers, Sicily has a special surprise. Palermo is home to the largest opera house in Italy, and the third largest in the world, the Teatro Massimo which was built in 1897. Fans of the Godfather, you will recognize this from a closing scene in the Godfather, Part III. You can come here to listen to another native Sicilian Vincenzo Bellini or come to watch ballet.

A trip to the island cannot be complete with a visit to the active volcano, Etna in Catania. Book a tour of the volcano and take a guided hike up the largest active volcano in Europe. If you make it up high enough, you can see where the Earth curves. The deep and numerous amount of craters has given Etna a moon like appearance. Despite being a normally hot location, when you climb up the mountain, take care that you bring additional layers of clothing because it can be windy and cool at the top.

Visit the city of Palermo, which was voted as one of the best places to get street food, according to Forbes in 2015. You can park your car hire and eat your way through the town. One type of the food you can eat here is arancini, rice balls served with meat. A trip to Italy would not be complete without a pizza, so try the local fair, sfincione, topped with caciocavallo cheese, anchovies and onions.

Catania has plenty of things to offer for a wide range of interests. Take your rental car to the city to see the beautiful Norman and Baroque architecture that is the Basilica Cattedrale Sant’Agata. It was created in 1078 over the old ruins of the Roman Baths and has since be restored many times due to damage sustained from earthquakes. You can also visit the tomb of Bellini to round out your Bellini tour on the island. Ursino Castle is another place to stop. Built in the 13th century by Emperor Frederick II, you can walk around to view the walls and towers, all of which are in their original state. If you wish to go inside the castle, you can visit the Museo Civico or the Civic Museum.

Road Trips

Despite being separated by an ocean from mainland Italy, the distance is not that far. It is a mere 1.5 miles with some citizens proposing building a bridge to connect the two land masses. You can take your car hire across the water on a ferry to experience the rest of Italy, including Rome and Florence.

If you want to get out of Europe, you can head over to Tunisia to add some spice to your vacation. You can experience some of the African influence brought to Sicily when you travel around Tunisia or North Africa in general.