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Nice and simple, just what I was looking for
Rating of John R.- 07/21/2015 01:22 AM
(4.4 from 5)
Had nothing but good experiences with Happycar, really low prices and great staff.
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Perfect car and felt like it was new!
Rating of Otis L.- 07/20/2015 12:14 PM
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Rental Car Uruguay

Go on an exciting journey with the rental car through Uruguay. Enjoy the ride through the endless, flat hinterland. It will be obvious to you that you encounter relatively few people, but more cattle and sheep. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and peace away from the cities.

With the rental car through Uruguays nature

In the rather temperate climate of Uruguay, German tourists feel particularly comfortable. The pleasant temperatures and the varied landscape images invite you to relax and linger. Anyone who wants to experience the life of the landlords and gauchos has the opportunity to spend a few days on a typical estancia. Ride through the countryside and enjoy the pure air during long walks. Along the lush green plains along the rivers, you will also find vineyards, whose harvest is transformed into excellent wines such as the Tannat. Discover beautiful and beautifully situated golf courses on your trip with the rental car in Uruguay, where you can demonstrate your skills. In the north-east of the country you will find healing and therapeutic medicinal baths and hot springs, which reconcile body and spirit. Water rattles will be thrilled by the over 200 km long sandy beach, because in many places is this manschenleer. Travel with the rental car in Uruguay to original and well maintained beaches, where they can make vacation off the beaten track.

Culture - multicultural and unique

Uruguay combines different Spanish, Italian, German and Armenian influences, whose diverse ways of life are reflected in today's culture of Uruguay. The Italian influence can be seen in the many pasta and pizzavariats, which can be found on the menus. Although there is as much beef as here in Spain, fewer fish are produced, although Uruguay is located on the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic. For a good meal you can taste a local wine. Instead of coffee and tea is drunk in Uruguay Mate. This is a drink for which the dried leaves of the matre are poured and drunk by a bombilla, a metal straw. In Uruguay there is a great passion for vintage cars. The friendly and helpful people always look forward to getting to know visitors and show you their well-kept treasures.

round trips

Explore the cultural and scenic beauty of the country by car. Let the stress-free nature come to you when you visit fantastic places. Design your trip with the rental car according to your wishes and always be flexible on the road.

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