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from $43 per day
rental period of 1 days

This offer was found on 02/13/2019 01:12 AM.

This offer was found on 02/13/2019 01:12 AM.

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Rental Car Valparaiso

Every time you hear about Chile, the city of Valparasio comes to mind. Not only is the city the leading tourist destination for both the locals and foreigners but also it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its location near Santiago makes it an alternative to investors and other travelers who find life in the capital city challenges. Also, Valparasio is an education center with over five universities in its territories. Besides dominating in the learning sector, Valparasio is the largest seaport in the South Pacific Ocean. You should visit the city to study its geopolitical role in the 19th century. The city is so organized that you have no reason to worry. You won’t get stuck because the online comparison portal HAPPYCAR is there to facilitate your travel. It offers detailed information on car rental Valparasio. We check the prices of international and local providers so that you don’t have to check each website to provide you with the best deals on a car hire to make your money go further on a rental car that fits your specific needs. You have the options of choosing car size, pick up location and type of insurance to ensure you get the best deal on a great car hire! With convenient pick up locations, like at the Santiago Airport, there aren’t any reasons why your vacation cannot start the minute you land.

Rental Car Valparasio, the unmatched traveling company

Visits to cities are always hectic. Any time you wish to travel to a given city the fear of commotion and traffic jam scares you away. However, if you want to view a town that runs smoothly, plan to spend your next vacation in Valparasio. Yes, the city boasts of 21st-century infrastructure however, its roads are more organized. As a visitor, you don’t have to ask for directions. Just browse any rental car services such as the Hertz and Alvis within the city. Also, car hire Valparasio offers best services that you will never find elsewhere. Imagine you can have as many drivers as wish, and whenever you travel outside the city, you will be driven freely after hitting the set miles specified.

Discover Valparasio by yourself using a rental car

Once in Valparasio, forget about the hardships you might have encountered on the way or elsewhere. You can hire car Valparasio at any place. Also, the rental car Valparasio will take you to any place you wish to visit in the city. In fact, you don’t have to be familiar with anybody or any place to traverse the city. Valparasio is endowed with amazing sceneries, and you will not travel for long before viewing a site that calls for a second glance. When you vacation here, drive your car rental Valparasio and make a stopover at Ascensor Concepción where you will have a view of the oldest elevator used in the city. The elevator was powered by steam. Also, drive your rental car to Plaza Matriz, the historical heart of the city. It was established in the early 19th century and was the fight church to occupy the same site that the original chapel was built.

Road trips from Valparasio on the trend

Everybody is traveling outside the city, thanks to the excellent rental car Valparasio. You could be knowing attractive places but wondering where to stay once you visit them. Don’t worry as once you hire car Valparasio it will take you as far as 180 miles from the city’s center or even further, depending on the time you have for your Chilean vacation. If you don’t know any place around Valparasio, don’t worry as any route leads to a fascinating site. Anytime you visit Chile, make the city of Valparasio your control point, from here you can visit Santiago. It only takes a maximum of 3 hours to reach the city. Once in the city, you will visit the Chile National Museum of Fine Arts, the major center for both the Chilean and South American art. If you wish to spend your night outside the city, Vina del Mar is a place to visit as it is located just over 5 miles outside Valparasio. The downtown of Viña del Mar hosts the best the restaurants and bars that go at a low price. Besides the cost, you will feed both your belly and eyes comfortably. 

There is so much to see in this part of the country and we are here to make your dreams come true. The HAPPYCAR team wishes you a pleasant journey!