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Rental Car Annapolis (MD)

Annapolis is the county seat of Anne Arundel County as well as the capital of the State of Maryland. The city is part of the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area and it is renowned as the earliest temporary capital city of the United States of America, sometime between 1783 to 1784. Over two centuries later, the city has quite a number of old buildings which make it a major tourist destination. Some of the architectural marvels include the Maryland State House, which is among the oldest buildings in America, that is still in legislative use to this day. the city was founded in 1649

and it was initially occupied by settlers who utilized the vast water resources which include the Annapolis River. With so many attractions scattered throughout the city, it is essential to use a rental car within Annapolis. In fact, there are so many places to explore, some of which border major cities such as Washington, Hyattsville, and Bethesda.

Discover Annapolis

The city covers approximately 8.11 square miles (21.01 kilometers squared) and it has an extensive road network that makes it easy to explore the area. It has a distinct transport system that includes a railway that was built in 1840. However, there is no airport within the city and all arrivals are at the Washington Dulles International Airport. It is, therefore, more convenient to use a car hire in Annapolis, which is a more flexible option compared to using public means. The HAPPYCAR portal is an easy to use service that enables clients to custom search the cheapest car rentals. It has partnered with services such as CarDelMar, Drive FTI, and Argus Car Hire. These are car hire services that ensure that you can book a package that is within your means which is particularly advantageous especially when it involves a group.

General Info on Annapolis

Annpolis is on the northern shore of the Severn River and it also lies West of the Chesapeake Bay which made it a popular settlement in the early 1600s. The availability of water enabled the early settlers to cultivate the land and grow broccoli, apples, and barley among other crops which are still under cultivation over two centuries later. In 1654, it was an English colony under the King of England and in 1782 after the treaty of Paris, it became the temporary capital of the United States of America. Around this time, it was merely a village which went on to grow into one of the major cities around Washington, especially during World War II when military vessels were built in the various companies. Today, it has quite a number of historic institutions most of which were built around the 18th century.

Car Rental in Annapolis

Among the first places to visit when you hire a rental car in Annapolis is the Maryland State House which is considered as the oldest legislative building in the United States, which is still in use today. It has a wooden dome which is the largest in the country to this day, considering that its construction started in 1772. George Washington, who is America's first president, famously resigned his commission here on 23rd December 1783. Another exciting place to visit is the United States Naval Academy which was founded in 1845 and it lies on a parcel of land that was reclaimed from the Severn River. Alternatively, you can take a road trip to the nearby cities, including Washington, where you can visit major attractions such as the Space Needle, or Mount Rainier National park which is renowned for its wildflowers, volcanic mountains, and glaciers. So book car hire in Annapolis and explore the city today.