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Rental Car Australia

Car Rental in Australia

Is it a continent? Is it an island? The debate rages on – but one that everyone agrees on is that Australia is a spectacular travel destination. Car rental in Australia allows you to see this incredible country as it deserves to be seen. Travel along the endless highways that connect some of the southern hemisphere's most beautiful cities, see stunning beaches and admire the unique wildlife from the comfort of your Australia car hire.

What are the best road trips in Australia?

Australia is just made for road tripping. Rental cars in Australia are the ideal way to get around. It would take a full six months to circumnavigate the entire country – but there are still some epic journeys you can do in a much shorter time with cheap car rentals in Australia.

Most Australians live on the coast, and the most popular road trip routes don't veer too far inland. Try the Pacific Coast route, linking Sydney to Brisbane, or, if you'd rather focus on the subtropical rainforest of Queensland, start in Cairns and take your Australia car rental north to Cape York.

Maybe the most scenic route of Australia, however, is the Great Ocean Road. Start in Melbourne and take a trip through the state of Victoria to visit sights such as the famous Twelve Apostles or Apollo Bay. The Great Ocean Road itself is 151 miles long and begins in Torquay, just over an hour south of Melbourne.



If you're serious about road-tripping, then you'll probably need to make sure your car hire in Australia is a 4x4. You can enjoy long-distance journeys in a normal car, but a 4x4 will give you more opportunities to get off the beaten track and see a bit more of this fascinating country.


What's the best way to see Uluru?

Uluru (also known as Ayers Rock) is the most famous rock in the world. It can be found in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, a stunning expanse of Outback scenery. This remote area is almost 300 miles from the nearest city, Alice Springs, so a rental car in Australia is the best way to get there.

For a more exciting vacation, you can start in Adelaide. Pick up your cheap car rentals in Adelaide airport ADL, and you'll enjoy a 3-day road trip on the way to Uluru. Along the way, you can stop off in the famous mining town of Coober Pedy, known for its striking landscape, for a glimpse of Australia's lucrative opal industry.

Seeing Australian wildlife

All visitors to Australia want to see koalas, the unique marsupials that call this country home. Car rentals in Australia can take you right to the interesting animals. Want to see kangaroos? You'll often see them loping around in groups beside the highway, as they roam free across the country. In fact, farmers consider them a pest!

Other animals are easier to find in reserves and sanctuaries. If you're in Queensland, take your cheap car rental in Australia to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, where you'll find not only koalas, but many other examples of Aussie critters.

Driving in Australia

When you decide to rent a car in Australia, there are a few things you should know. First, remember that here, like in other Commonwealth countries, people drive on the left. Australians exclusively use the metric system, so familiarize yourself with kilometers before you go.

How should I prepare for longer trips?

Going on a long journey? Make sure you know where you can find gas stations. Get some advice before you pick up your cheap car hire in Australia because tourists have been known to get stranded without gas in the middle of a long, empty highway. Luckily, with a bit of planning, this can easily be avoided.

When should I book a rental car?

Want to get the cheapest car hire in Australia? You'll want to book in advance. At HAPPYCAR, we can help you find the best car rental in Australia. If you're planning an Australian road trip, you could be in your vehicle for a long time – so we'll make sure you get the one that suits you. That's why it's best to reserve your car rental early, through HAPPYCAR. You'll be sure to get the vehicle that's right for you. With the best car hire in Australia, your vacation will be super comfortable.

As well as helping you with low cost car hire in Australia, HAPPYCAR will facilitate your car rental all over the world. Cheap car rentals in Miami, cheap car rentals in New Orleans, and cheap car rentals in Seattle airport are just a few of our offerings. Wherever you're going, get there in style with HAPPYCAR!