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from $25 per day
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Rental Car Badajoz

Badajoz is a city in the north of Spain close to the Portuguese border on its western side. Administratively, it is also the capital of the province of Badajoz and home to the autonomous community of Extremadura. There is a rich history which is well documented within the city and its monuments such as the Moorish castle, and timelines that include the conquering by the Moors who were Muslims who inhabited the city sometime around the 8th century. Later on, there were wars owing to the numerous disputes for the region including the Peninsula War (1808-1811), the Spanish War of Succession (1705), the Storming of Badajoz (1812) and finally the Spanish Civil War (1936). It borders Portalegre (Portugal) which is located 67.4 kilometers to its northern side and Montijo which is 38.1 kilometers away to its west as well. One of the contributing factors to the growth of the town was that it became a Diocese for the Catholic church in 1255 when it was merged with that of Merida, another seemingly growing town. Nowadays, it is a city with a population of roughly 151,565 inhabitants with infrastructure such as railways and roads which is why you need to hire a car via a car rental in Badajoz.

Advantages of HAPPYCAR

HAPPYCAR is an international online company which focuses on car hires. If you travel to foreign cities, you probably know that at times it can be really difficult adjusting or finding the quality of service that suits you. At HAPPYCAR, we have partnered with numerous companies such as AutoEurope, Hertz, RentalCars, Avis, and CarDelMar, which have a clientele around the continent and specialize in car hire services for business trips and even tours. When you visit our website, you can proceed to search 'car hire Badajoz' and the results will indicate the cars available, usually starting with the most affordable. After confirming, you get a car and a dedicated driver who is familiar with the environs. If you have second thoughts and opt to change your mind thereafter, you can cancel your booking within 24 hours at no extra cost.

General Info on Badajoz

Badajoz is a thriving tourist destination in Spain thanks to the invaluable monuments which have played a role over the centuries in defining the Spanish border. Being a border town that is adjacent to Portugal, it has had its fair share of wars which have led to a diversity in terms of the culture. As per the archeological findings, the earliest inhabitants have been dated back to the Bronze, megalithic age with tombs being discovered, which are said to have existed as early as 4,000 B.C. The area has an almost semi-arid climate and back in the early 12th to 15th century, it was fought over by the respective dynasties, some from as far as Morocco because of how valuable a trade route it was in the period. Getting from one historical monument or general area to another can be cumbersome at times, even in the scorching heat of the region, which is why it is advisable to use a rental car in Badajoz for convenience.

Rental Car Badajoz - Plan and Tour In Comfort

When in Badajoz, taking a simple walk can be exhausting especially when you intend to cover most of the historical parts of the city. In the area considered to be the entrance to the city, there is the Puerta de Palmas, which is a monument built in 1551 and it has two iconic cylindrical towers, almost synonymous to the city in the entire nation of Spain, and its construction was commissioned by Prince Phillip II after the city was reclaimed by the Muslim or Arabic Moors. After visiting the 'entrance to the city', you have to travel for kilometers before you arrive at the Alcazaba, which is a citadel built by the Moor in the 9th century, particularly by Ibn Marwan who was one of the rulers who occupied it in an administrative capacity at the time. The effectiveness of a car rental in Badajoz is that you get to the older parts of the city such as a visit to the 17th Century Vauban fort at your own convenience. You do not have to rely on the railway or bus services which operate on a strict schedule. In fact, you can always count on the driver to wait for you at a designated pick up spot after he/she drops you off. Because you have rented the car, you do not incur charges similar to those from a cab service.

Roadtrip Badajoz - Explore The City In Style

A road trip in Badajoz is bound to be a memorable experience. The city has played a vital role in Spain's sovereignty and was a key point for goods and supplies entering the country during the civil war. The hot, arid conditions make it almost necessary to travel by bus, train, or rail, which is why when you book a car hire in Badajoz you also get a qualified driver who knows the area well. So, hire a car with us today.