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China attractions and Travel Tips


China is a monumental country with a rich and long history, as one of the earliest civilizations in the world. Today it remains the worlds most populated country and one of the most powerful. Continuously at the forefront of technological advancement and protection of their own precious cultural history, they have been able to create modern cities whilst maintaining cites of historical importance. China’s cities are some of the busiest and most impressive in the world, and its countryside remains one of the world’s most beautifully diverse, from the Yellow mountains, resembling a natural skyline, to the Gobi Desert and tropical island of Hainan. It would be impossible, or crazy, to try and see all the major attractions China has to offer in one trip. But a China rental car is the best idea to see the most out of this truly incredible country.

General Information,

China’s history is long, the first ancient dynasty can be traced back to 2070 BC, but it was not until 221 BC that China was united under one emperor. The Qin dynasty, he is famous for immortalizing his troops as the Terracotta army- of which lasted far longer than his short reign as emperor. The emperor of China remained until 1912, although with many different dynasties. The Republic of China followed until 1949, when the Peoples Republic of China was formed. Chinese cuisine is famous worldwide but is far too broad a term to describe what awaits in this culinary haven. There are many different regional dishes varying in spice and ingredients, for example Mongolian barbeque is popular in the northern regions, whilst spicy meals are particularly associated with central China. Wherever you decide to explore, in china, it is a must to try the local cuisine.

Main Attractions,

The Great Wall of China- An incredible piece of industrial prowess, really shows the true extent that the Chinese went to protect themselves from northern invaders. Stretching 6,000 miles, across many provinces. Many travel to the wall from Beijing, but this is only a small fragment, one could visit in Gansu, where the wall begins until Hebei and they would experience a vast variety of China nature and landscapes.

The Yellow Mountains (Huangshan)- Naturally steep rock formations that almost resemble a Chinese city skyline. If brave enough to take the climb, the view above the sea of clouds is as breathtaking as the walk. Even more beautiful at sunrise/set -so choose your time carefully.

The Forbidden Palace- Home to the Ming Dynasty, between the years 1420-1912, and over 900 well preserved historical buildings. If not for the popularity of this attraction, one could easily fantasize to be in ancient China. The well-preserved buildings have a real authentic feel about them unfound anywhere else. 

Hong Kong- One-time British colony, Hong Kong is now a hub of progression and business. Its famous skyline has appeared in many films and is a representation of this multi levelled city. Whether you want to secure a bird’s eye view at Victoria peak or wonder through the bustling market of Mong Kok. Hong Kong is a mysterious active and incredible place where adventure awaits.

Alternative destinations: are Shanghai- China’s largest city, the jewel of China’s nature the Pandas of Chengdu, or why not visit the wonderful Tibet and gaze upon the stunning Potala Palace. Wherever you choose to visit, it is important not to over fill your travel itinerary.

Conclusion- China is an extensive vibrant and proud country with deep and precious cultural roots.

Throughout the years China has been source of some of the most important inventions in history, such as fireworks and the cannon and gun powder, and now as a powerful superpower and producer it continues to be at the global forefront. With China Rental car the traveler can explore further and more of this great country and why not get the best deal available, only through HAPPYCAR.

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