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Top notch service.
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Rental Car Costa Rica

Car Rental in Costa Rica

Rainforest, beaches, volcanoes, and more: There's a reason why lovers of nature can't get enough of Costa Rica! A quarter of this Central American nation is a protected jungle, making it one of the best places on earth to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Hop into a rental car in Costa Rica and explore the lush jungles of this amazing country. Read on to see our top tips for your Central American vacation, including how to rent a car in Costa Rica.

What should I see in Costa Rica?

Most visitors to this country begin their vacation in the capital city. Look for cheap car rentals at San Jose airport SJO to get started on your adventure. San Jose, an old colonial settlement, teems with interesting architecture and fascinating museums. Don't miss the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum for a glimpse into the indigenous way of life before Europeans came to America.

After that, your car rental in CostaRica will allow you to explore the rest of the nation. You'll find natural parks almost everywhere. Some of the most popular are the Arenal Volcano National Park, Ballena National Marine Park, and Gandoca-Manzanillo Natural Wildlife Refuge. All are fascinating and worth visiting.



Going to the rainforest? The clue is in the name: You'll probably get wet! No matter what time of year you visit, make sure to keep a raincoat in the trunk of your Costa Rica car hire.


What animals can I see in Costa Rica?

Some people call Costa Rica's incredible rainforest "the little Amazon" because, just like its South American big sister, it's full of life. There are over 230 species of mammals to be found here, so don't forget to charge your camera whenever you set out in your Costa Rica car rental.

You're more likely to hear a jaguar than to spot one in the flesh, but some rare critters don't shy away from humans. Monkeys, sloths, and tapirs can all be seen here. For sea turtles, drive your rental cars in Costa Rica to Tortuguero National Park during the nesting season. The city of Liberia makes a good starting point if you're hitting the national parks. Check out cheap car rentals in Liberia airport LIR to get you started.

Hitting the waves in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea – around 600 beaches in total. If you want to see marine life, try snorkeling or diving on the Caribbean side of the country. On the other hand, lovers of big surf should take advantage of car hire in Costa Rica to travel to the Pacific beaches. That's where you'll find the biggest waves, making it a true surfer's paradise.

Can I drive from the Pacific to the Caribbean?

It's possible to cross the entire nation of Costa Rica, although you'll probably want to have a two-week vacation planned. This will ensure that you'll have enough time to see everything interesting along the way. The best car hire in Costa Rica if you're planning this kind of road trip is a 4x4 vehicle. At times, you might find yourself on small country roads that are unpaved, particularly if you'd rather see the sights than just travel from one coast to the other as fast as possible.

The best Costa Rican road trips usually involve traveling between Liberia and San Jose, or vice versa. Fly into one, cross the country, then fly out of the other, using cheap car rentals in Costa Rica to get you there in style.

What's the best way to travel around Costa Rica?

Car rentals in Costa Rica make a lot of sense for most tourists. Public transportation is aimed towards locals who are going to and from work, rather than visitors who want to hit the beach, take in the national parks, and so on. Timetables can be seriously limited, so look for cheap car hire in Costa Rica to be in full control of your vacation.

When should I book a rental car?

At HAPPYCAR, we are experts in booking cheap car rental in Costa Rica and beyond, and we can help you find the ideal vehicle for your trip. For the cheapest car hire in Costa Rica, it pays to book in advance. It may still be possible to find low cost car hire in Costa Rica on arrival at the airport, but for your own peace of mind, get in touch with HAPPYCAR in the planning stages of your vacation, and organize your transportation early.

Remember, HAPPYCAR can help you with more than just cheap car hire in Costa Rica. If you're looking for cheap car rentals in Salt Lake City or cheap car rentals in Kauai, use HAPPYCAR! We'll find you the best car rental in Costa Rica and any other destination.