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I found a great car and booked on my lunch break. Easy and quick !
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Booked a few times with these guys, and will do again.
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A few friends of ours backed out of the trip so we had to organise a smaller vehicle. Happycar made all this possible with no stress.
Rating of Stevie W.- 07/21/2015 22:41 PM
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Rental Car Daytona Beach (FL)

Rental Car Daytona Beach

Daytona is a city in the Volusia County in the US state of Florida. The city lies 51 miles northeast of Orlando, 86 miles southeast of Jacksonville, and about 242 miles northwest of Miami. The city is popular for its beach, where there is hard-packed sand that allows for motorized vehicles to drive. The city is also famous as a one-time spring breaker hotspot and for its Nascar auto races. In short, the city offers more than meets the eye. Visiting the city will require you to hire a car. You will find car hire services from HAPPYCAR in most cities. HAPPYCAR is a price comparison portal where we have gathered prices from local and international car hire service providers, so you don't have to check each website to get the best deal. HAPPYCAR has collaborated with international car hire companies such as Drive FTI, Sunny Cars, and Avis to bring you the best vehicles you'll find in Daytona beach. You can count on us when looking for Car Hire in Daytona Beach.

Explore Daytona Beach using a Car Rental

Racing nerds will fall in love with Speedway as well as cruising down Daytona Beach. Outdoorsy types will fall in love with the sunny days basking on the beach and you'll be surprised by the number of hiking and biking trails in this area. You're in the right place if you're into fresh seafood. Daytona Beach city is packed full with plenty of attractions to keep you entertained.

Daytona Beaches

The more than 23 miles of white-sand beaches will provide you limitless opportunities for fun under the sun. Dig in the sand, splash in the waves, or search for shells. Lining on the beach are several parks including dog parks as well as several places where you can devour a relaxing meal. No day is complete here if you don't get a slushie from a nearby ice-cream truck.

The Museum of Arts & Science

Still standing from 1955, the museum houses educational exhibits showcasing both sciences and creative arts. The facility also features a children's section that's hands-on and focuses on science. Think of your child building his or her own vehicle? It also features the biggest exhibits of Coca-Cola memorabilia in the world, a large exhibit of Cuban Art, and a ground sloth skeleton.

The Ocean Deck Restaurant and Beach Club

This s a family-owned eatery that has been a favorite for the locals for almost half a century now. It features nightly live music and dancing. Situated just next to the beach, the restaurant boasts of a relaxed beach party vibe and serves Sunshine's state's best seafood. Talk of shrimps, crab legs, oysters and ahi tuna burgers.

Take a road trip using a rental car in Daytona Beach

You can take a road trip down on Daytona Beach. The city's wide beaches of hard-packed white sand welcomed car racing first in 1902, and from this time, driving on the beach has turned out to be a quintessential local activity. Watch as the sun sets on one of the only beaches in the country where you can drive. If you're bored of driving, you can rent a bicycle or a golf cart in town. If you're a racing fan, you'll want to drive on the section of beach in front of the Racing's North Turn Restaurant. The eatery is not only where racing started, but it's also crammed with Nascar and racing memorabilia.

From Daytona Beach, you can head to nearby cities of Orlando and Jacksonville. Orlando is an amazing place to visit as it's sunny all year round. If you're looking for a destination to visit in winter, Orlando is definitely the place to be. Jacksonville is perfect if you're looking for a getaway synonymous with relaxing and fun. It's one of the best value destinations around the world.

Rental car Daytona Beach service should help you get around to make your trip memorable. HAPPYCAR has made it easy for you to get a car in the city. You can compare, on our platform, what other car hire companies around the world have to offer. With HAPPYCAR, you get to choose pickup location, type of insurance, and car size. Therefore, you don't have to worry if you're traveling as a group or as an individual: there's something for everyone at HAPPYCAR.