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4.8 from 5 (124 ratings)

(4.8 from 5)
Great selection of vehicles to choose from, all at a good price.
Rating of Clarence H.- 07/21/2015 03:49 AM
(4.8 from 5)
Great selection of vehicles to choose from, all at a good price.
Rating of Clarence H.- 07/21/2015 03:49 AM
(4.1 from 5)
Lots of great tips on the website.
Rating of Geoff J.- 07/21/2015 09:26 AM
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Rental Car Evansville (IN)

Rental Car in Evansville

Car hire is increasingly becoming a popular business model in the 21st century. While you can find various car hires anywhere around the world, you want to go for a car hiring company that offers quality services. This said you would then want to consider the Rental Car Evansville. Ideally, these are car hire companies that are within Evansville. Not familiar with the location? No need to worry because here not only do you get to be familiarized with the location but also be informed of the various types of awesome services offered in this specific location

Where is Rental Car Evansville?

As mentioned, Car Rental Evansville is a location in Evansville that engages in car hire. Evansville is a city in Indiana county . It is located on the Ohio River. The region has been ranked as the largest in South Indiana. In as much as you may not be familiar with the location, you may consider employing certain features to ensure you are in the correct destination.

To begin with, the city is next to the Evansville Regional Airport and Dress Regional Airport. The former is an estimated 3 miles from the Evansville city. Among the towns that are within the area include Chandler, Newburgh, Reed, and Spotsville. In relation to the cities, the three notable cities within the area include Louisville, Cincinnati, and St. Louis. The city of Louisville is about 125 miles from Evansville and the city of Cincinnati and St. Louis is 220 miles and 166 miles away from the Evansville car rentals.

Still don’t know how to get there in spite of all the explanation? Well, there is no need to worry. While you can travel to the place using your means of transport, there are also public means of transportation which are available in all main bus stations. The thing about the public means of transport is that they are normally some few kilometers to the final destination, so you don’t have to walk for a long distance before reaching the rental car companies in the area. Another advantage with this area is that it offers good road trips; hence in case, you don’t have a plan you can consider a road trip within the area.

Types of cars

Different cars are provided at Car Hire Evansville. Among the most popular ones that have been spotted being hired include the SUV, Full-size, compact, Intermediate, Standard, and Economy. All of these mentioned cars are offered at a low price. However, they differ in relation to the number of passengers that they can accommodate. In the case of the intermediate and economy for instance, while the intermediate can accommodate five adults, the economy can accommodate two passengers. The rate of their cheapness depends on the number of passengers it can accommodate and the features of the car. Nonetheless, these cars at Car Hire Evansville although cheap are of the best quality and if you don’t want the cheap ones, you can always go for the expensive ones.

Best car agencies

When there are various Rental Car Evansville agencies, you only want to go for the highly reputable ones in the market. Based on the feedback of most loyal consumers of car hire in the region, forming the list of the top car hire agencies in the region are Alamo, Enterprise and Avis. There are various reasons as to why these companies have been ranked as the best Car Rentals Evansville. To begin with, the agencies have good customer relations and offer assistance throughout the day and night. Also, the prices of hiring their cars are relatively pocket-friendly compared to other companies.

In addition, all their cars are normally insured; hence there is no need to worry in case of an accident. Also, the user always has the option of choosing a driver from the agency or if they can do the driving on their own. In the case where one chooses to do the driving, the conditions are that they should be having the driving license with them. This condition is justified because even under normal circumstances, no one would allow one to drive their cars without a valid driving license.