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(4 from 5)
Luckily they had cars with air conditioning!
Rating of Phil R.- 07/21/2015 13:12 PM
(4 from 5)
Luckily they had cars with air conditioning!
Rating of Phil R.- 07/21/2015 13:12 PM
(4 from 5)
Luckily they had cars with air conditioning!
Rating of Phil R.- 07/21/2015 13:12 PM
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Rental Car Fairbanks (AK)

Rental Car Fairbanks

Initially a gold rush boomtown, nowadays christened as the "Golden Heart of Alaska," callers find Fairbanks attractive, appealing and breathtaking-the heart of the final frontier. Alaska's second-biggest city -Gateway to the Bush, the Golden Heart City, Hub of the Interior- call it whatever you want, Fairbanks is as distinct and diverse as any Alaskan region. Fairbanks is described as one of the most beautiful places to tour; thus it ought to be an exhilarating trip with a car rental from HAPPYCAR for the best pacts and offers on car hire in the city. The online booking system makes renting a car with HAPPYCAR easy and quick, and you shall find the best prices on the web. If you are flying into a Fairbanks airport and require hiring a car from the terminal at HAPPYCAR, we can cover all your needs. As a portal for a car rental price comparison HAPPYCAR partners with AutoEscape, Hertz and Europcar to offer you the best of services in Fairbanks. Hence, you can also rent a car at one of our partner's airport stations at Fairbanks International Airport. A Car Hire in Fairbanks permits touring remote places, restaurants or hidden trails with a view and difficult to reach to areas. These distinct places are typically unreachable by bus or taxi.

Discover the city with Rental Car Fairbanks

Eccentric and stimulating, Fairbanks is an exceptional and reliable year-round destination. The Fairbanks expanse is home to over 100,000 individuals, making the region the second-biggest population epicenter in Alaska. The town traits an Army post, an Air Force Base and a university, and is acknowledged for northern lights, dog mushing plus its extremes of dark, light, cold and warmth. In winter, the temperatures as low as -62 degrees have been documented; temperatures in the 80s are prevalent during summer. Summer days are correspondingly stretched - Fairbanks revels in more than 22 hours of daylight as soon as the solstice lands on June 21st. Allow the friendliness and acquaintance of local guides aid you realize these massive and good-looking lands with your Car Rental Fairbanks.

Exploring the city with Car Hire Fairbanks

Whether you want to play golf at midnight in Fairbanks' extensive, light-full summer nights or favor taking a walk in the woods watching reindeer, there is a lot to discover in this interior Alaskan metropolitan. Even though, the peak season falls in the midnight sunny months of July and August numerous audacious tourists also stopover in Fairbanks in the wintertime months to have a view of the northern lights. Begin your town tour with Car Rental Fairbanks by touring the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors-Center for a synopsis of the area and to collect information on things to see and do and maps. History enthusiasts shall delight in the University of Alaska Museum of the North and the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, whereas outdoor devotees shall relish mountaineering with reindeer inside the Running Reindeer Ranch. HAPPYCAR is committed to offering the best value for what you receive. That does not imply they continuously rank as the low-cost alternative. When comparing, one should take into consideration the profits of local know-how, suitability and rare services (like after-hours service plus specialized cars). If such features shall enrich your Fairbanks travels, then paying a little more might be worth it for you.

Road trip with Car Hire Fairbanks

With the midnight summer sun glistening approximately 24 hours a day plus the northern lights bopping above in Aurora Season, Fairbanks merely is overflowing with activities. From well-liked sightseer magnetism, performances and concerts and historic sites, Fairbanks and the neighboring North Pole proffer you escapade in true Alaskan style. A road trip with a Rental Car Fairbanks to Chena River State Recreation Area from Fairbanks is the best way to end your tour to the region. This attraction is a 397-square-mile leisure region ensuing the pathway of the Chena River, providing year-round exploits for people seeking to experience Alaska's excellent outdoors. This recreation area entices in excess of 150,000 yearly guests and is abode to plentiful wildlife, counting black and moose, beavers and grizzly bears. Dog sledding, snow machining, and skiing are popular winter goings-on, with several winter trails obtainable for caller access. There are lots of activities to engage in this area of Alaska, and the HAPPYCAR group wants you to have safe trips.