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Rental Car Grand Rapids (MI)

Sourcing for an agency or location that offers cars on hire basis is not an easy task. This is because the industry has grown, hence, is flocked with both the good car hire spots and the bad car hire spots. If it’s going to be your first time to hire a car or your journey with cars on hire has been one hell, you would probably want to go for HAPPYCAR of a rental car in Grand Rapids. Judging from the name, it is easy to tell that this car rental is located in Grand Rapids but where exactly is Grand Rapids situated?

Understanding Rental Car Grand Rapids Location

HAPPYCAR has partnered with many rental car suppliers such as Hertz, RentalCars or Thrifty to name a few and hence the suppliers are situated in Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids is a city located in Michigan. In relation to County, the city is situated at the Kent County. It has been ranked as the largest city in West Michigan and the second largest city in Michigan. Particularly, Grand Rapids lies on the Grand River which is an estimated 30 miles (48 kilometers) east of Lake Michigan. While you can easily access the city using a personal means of transport, you can equally access the location using public means of transport.

In case you consider using the public means of transport, you will locate the city by boarding either the DASH West, DASH North, Route 19 or the Silver Line buses. While either of these buses will stop at the bus station, there are various features you can consider keeping in mind to be sure that you are heading to the right destination or you are at the right destination. These features include various towns, cities, and airports. Wyoming, Comstock Park, and Grandville are the three towns next to Grand Rapids. They are located 8.79 kilometers, 11.83 kilometers and 12.07 kilometers away respectively.

Things to do at Grand Rapids

While Car Rental Grand Rapids is the main reasons as to why you could travel all the way to Grand Rapids, there are additional benefits that come with traveling to this area. To begin with, the place is graced with some museums and national parks.

Therefore, visiting the area will mean that you can pass by either of the museums and national parks. The area also embraces a lot of art and culture. Therefore, you will not miss out in understanding a thing or two about the culture of the people there.

Lastly, there are various suburbs and outdoor activities for both adults and children. If you think with this, your day will be made while at Grand Rapids sourcing a car to hire, you sure have no clue of how beautiful the nights in this area look. There are tall buildings in the city and well-displayed sceneries which you will love to enjoy after an awesome day at their museum or suburbs. Therefore, you can be certain that being bored while at Grand Rapids is definitely not a thing that is bound to happen.

Benefits of Car Rental Grand Rapids

Apart from having an added activity to indulge in while sourcing a car at Car Hire Grand Rapids, there are also more benefits than this. Firstly, the location offers high quality cars at a relatively lower price. With this, it goes without being told that you will be saving on a huge amount of money if you choose to hire a car at Car Hire Grand Rapids. In addition to this, the booking has been made easier with this Grand Rapids car hire agencies. Influencing this is the emergence of digitalization which the agencies have embraced.

Therefore, you can freely conduct any bookings at the comfort of your home. It is not every other day that a car hire agency will have all types of cars. Some strictly have big cars, and others have small-sized cars. Well, in the case of Grand Rapids, you need not to worry about not finding the type of car that you desire to hire. Championing this is the fact that the agencies are well equipped with all types of cars. The aim is to ensure that all their clients can get exactly what they want upon request.