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Rental Car Ann Arbor (MI)

Ann Arbor is a city in the State of Michigan which is renowned for its landscape and political activism which was prominent especially in the 1970s. The city is home to the indigenous Ojibwa people who have lived here since the early 1800s. It is expansive, with numerous attractions scattered throughout, some of which include nature trails, which is why you need a rental car in Ann Arbor to explore its terrain. In fact, the city is elevated, and its valleys and hills make it ideal for road trips. Major cities near Ann Arbor include Dexter, Detroit, and Jackson which are also popular with tourists because of their attractions that include zoos and national parks. The city's climate is influenced by the Great Lakes such as Lake Michigan which has a rich marine life that consists of eels, crawfish, and a large bird population.

Discover Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor covers approximately 28.77 square miles (74.52 kilometers squared). It has major roads most of which branch out from the downtown districts into the major highways surrounding the city. Domestic flights land at the small Ann Arbor Municipal Airport which is roughly 4.3 miles on the city's outskirts. Car hire in Ann Arbor is very convenient considering it saves time and it is also more efficient than having to take a bus from the airport. Getting a car specific to your requirements is easy, considering that you can use the HAPPYCAR portal to make a custom search. This portal lists the available cars while showing their pricing, particularly the cheapest options available. HAPPYCAR has partnered with services such as Europcar, RentalCars, and Argus Hire.

General Info On Ann Arbor

In 1774, the area which is now Ann Arbor comprised of two villages until it rapidly expanded into a city in 1824. This was as a result of land speculators who set up a settlement where they practiced agriculture on a large scale. By around 1850, a majority of the settlers who continued to move here were primarily of British ancestry, although newer settlers were also Irish and German. Today, the city has continued to grow with quite a number of enterprises being set up. Its landscape is a major tourist attraction with a large number of parks some of which are centered around the Huron River. A car hire in Ann Arbor is a more convenient way of getting around some of the attractions which are scattered around the city and its environs.

Car Rental Ann Arbor

Among the more popular attractions in Ann Arbor is the Matthaei Botanical gardens which are at the University of Michigan. It is opened every day and it just happens to be a conservatory which is common with visitors all year round. The grounds are open seven days a week and the building complex within only closes 3 holidays in a calendar year. If you are more enthusiastic about history and science, then the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum is one place that might interest you. In fact, there are interactive exhibits that are ideal for both kids and adults. It was founded in 1978 and it now has over 250 interactive exhibits and boasts over a whopping 200,000 visitors annually. There is a legacy gallery that displays various types of machines while the 'World Around You' gallery showcases magnet exhibits as well as a climbing wall. In general, the city of Ann Arbor has numerous recreation parks that are ideal for hiking and camping. Visitors get to plan road trips some of which can extend to neighboring cities like Detroit while en route for a fishing trip to Lake Michigan. Book a car rental on HAPPYCAR and explore the city of Ann Arbor and its environs today.