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Really took the worry out of my trip
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Booked over the phone, as I wanted to get all details about the different insurance’s explained to me
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Super affordable and lots of choices!
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Rental Car India

India has many naturally beautiful areas and is, on the most part, surrounded by water. The beautiful cities are certainly worth a visit. Let HAPPYCAR do the handle the trouble of finding the best hire car India offers, so you can relax and look forward to you next adventure in India. Travelling this vast country by rental car is the best and most flexible way to achieve you travel goals.

Discover India,

India’s huge populations, 1.3billion, is composed of different ethnic and religious groups. The largest of which are Hindu and Islam. India’s ethnic diversity is also reflected in it natural diversity, with landscapes of mountains, deserts, forests and caves. With car hire India from HAPPYCAR, you are more likely to see more during your stay in India. The national parks, of which there are 80, are teeming with extraordinary wildlife, maybe on one of the tours you’d be lucky enough to see the elusive Tiger. Cows are sacred in India and have total respect and freedom, in certain places monkeys are also worshipped and live side by side with humans peacefully. Stunning architecture imposes itself on Indian landscapes, the recognizable Taj Mahal and also the intricate and grand Temples, of which there are plentiful. In any event, this entire journey from car rental in India will be comfortable. Do not travel in the crowded train but just have your own car rental in India.

Discover India with a Rental car

Start your journey by visiting one of India's most beautiful buildings, the Taj Mahal. With HAPPYCAR's car, it will start at least comfortably. The building is considered to be the absolute highlight of the whole country. The emperor at the time built it as a memorial for his wife whom died in childbirth with their 14th child, it is therefore still regarded as a symbol of love. It is located just outside of the city of Agra, which is famed for its unique architecture. Or why not visit the Red Fort located in the capital New Dehli, the home of Indian independence and still remains importance symbolism of India’s struggle on the path for freedom. Additionally, a trip to the ‘blue city’ of Jodhpur would be a magical experience and definitely worth a trip.


Around the region in India

India is a beautiful country full of nature. In order to get the most out of this beautiful location, your own rental car is the best option. It offers the opportunity to visit many of the destinations described above. Think of the typical seaside resorts with the long white beaches that belong to them. One of the most famous of this is in the state of Goa and. From there we continue to the Mehrangarh Fort. It is the largest variant of whole Rajasthan. It is a steep climb, but the view you have here is breathtaking. driving to the Golden Temple. It is even considered the prettiest temple of India! Then we will go to India Gateway. You must have seen this high gate that has a lot of roadway to the Arc de Triomphe. It symbolizes the Mumbai and was built in 1911. All this in honor of the British royal house. Finally, we make our trip by car to the Amber Fort. Located outside of the city of Jaipur is a beautiful place both inside and outside. There is plenty to see for a wonderful day. in short, where the trip is also going. A rental car in India makes the holiday a real success.